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In 2022 Austin Pets Alive! Celebrated its 100,000 pet rescued

and Austin is celebrating its 11th year as a no-kill city

Article by Jennifer Birn

Photography by Courtesy of Austin Pets Alive!

Originally published in Austin Lifestyle

In 2022 Austin Pets Alive! celebrated saving their 100,000th pet since officially opening their doors in 2008, a Parvovirus survivor named Copper.

Before APA!, Austin had a kill-rate of a staggering 87 percent. Today, in an incredible reversal, they say there’s a save-rate of 97 percent!

We reached out to APA! to learn more about their work and success. Suzie Chase shared…

We currently have over 1100 cats, kittens dogs and puppies in foster homes and approximately 350 animals at the Town Lake Animal Center location and Tarrytown location. Austin Pets Alive! is often the last chance for an animal that has been on a euthanasia list at another shelter and Texas has one of the highest rates of euthanasia in the U.S, with many animals dying every day in many under-resourced shelters.

APA! has always answered the call when asked to find loving homes for pets on euthanasia lists and APA! doesn't discriminate based on zip code. They’re a longtime partner with the City of Austin and have worked together to make Austin the largest and safest community for sheltered pets in the United States. When APA! and the City of Austin first partnered, over 50 percent of sheltered companion animals were dying. 

The greater Austin community has assisted with APA!'s mission by adopting, fostering, volunteering and donating and in 2020, Austin FC leadership approached Austin Pets Alive! with a revolutionary concept - instead of choosing a costumed mascot for the inaugural Austin FC season, Austin FC would feature a Honorary Mascot at every home match. In 2021, all 18 Honorary Mascots were adopted, including dogs that were heartworm positive, senior dogs, incontinent dogs and those that worked with APA!'s Behavior Team. In 2022, ten of the Honorary Mascots have been adopted, including parvovirus survivors, a distemper survivor and a dog who is deaf. The Austin FC players, executives and fans have actively supported Austin Pets Alive!  From adopting dogs to fostering dogs (when APA! has faced extreme weather conditions and needed dogs to be temporarily out of kennels) to donating bottled water when Austin was under a boil water notice.

If a pet is in your future for the holidays, go find your furry family addition at APA! To learn more go to: