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In a Category All Her Own

Tiana Hall, a Grammy © recognized vocalist, brings her own fun and flavor to Houston's jazz scene.

Article by Memorial Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Courtesy of Tianna Hall Archives 2021

Originally published in Memorial Lifestyle

With a body of work spanning nearly two decades, Tianna Hall's voice evokes the sounds of coolness and hip culture of jazz from the 1930's, '40s, and '50s. Based in Houston, Hall is a jazz vocalist with several of the area's top bands, including The Houston Jazz Band, The Texas Band, Mighty Pretty Mixtape & The Houston Jazz Band Orchestra. 

A graduate of the University of Houston, Hall worked professionally in musical theater and opera for several years before focusing solely on jazz music. She got her start with pianist Paul English and Marsha Frazier in 2004 and hasn't stopped working since. "The first time I was given the opportunity to sing jazz, I was bitten by the bug. The one thing that immediately struck me was that changing and growing is the goal," says Hall. "Improvisation and deviation from tradition are encouraged. That was something I had never had the opportunity to experience creatively in the past, and it opened an entirely new world for me."

Hall, whose performance calendar is constantly full, has no plans to leave Houston. The wealth of musical venues and performers keep her grounded in the Bayou City. "Houston is a huge presence in the music world for several musical genres, and it shows especially in the jazz scene because as improvisers, we bring everything we know to the table."