In Demand: LALO Tequila

From the grandson of iconic Don Julio comes a uniquely pure tequila perfect for summer cocktails.

The name Don Julio is synonymous with tequila, and the family's legacy of masterfully made spirits is continuing with the introduction of LALO. Named after Eduardo "Lalo" González, the grandson of Don Julio González of the iconic Don Julio tequila brand, LALO is a pure blanco tequila.

González partnered with his childhood friend David R. Carballido to make LALO. Both worked separately in the tequila industry for over a decade when they realized they shared similar views about how tequila should be made. 

LALO contains only three ingredients—agave, yeast, and deep well water. Each fully mature agave plant has been hand-selected from the Jalisco Highlands, cooked in stone ovens using a traditional process, and distilled only twice to maintain the agave's integrity. During fermentation, a proprietary yeast used in Champagne is introduced, a prime differentiating factor for LALO.

"Using a yeast strain adapted for Champagne is very unique for tequila," González said. "It allows us to combine the richness of our agave with subtle fruity notes of wine. I love what it does with the juice."

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