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In the Dog House

Creative Spaces for Pets to Shelter in Place

Since turning our homes into offices, classrooms, and entertainment spaces, our pets are suddenly getting a lot more one-on-one time with their humans. With so much family time happening, it’s recommended by experts that everyone, even a furry friend, has a place where they can retreat and recharge. From pretty to practical, here are some alternative habitats for our pets that make sheltering in place creative and comfortable.

Pet Teepee Dogs and cats love comfortable spots where they can take a snooze. Teepees are not only a decorative piece, They’re a place where your pets can hide out and maximize their “alone time.” Keep a cozy blanket inside for them to curl up in and they’ll be all set!

Agility Doghouse Extreme dog houses keep getting better and better with time. Energetic dogs will love one that has a stairway on each side where they can run up and down until they tire out. These sturdy structures also provide dogs with a great place to get some shut eye. Room with a View Wood Dog and Cat House,

Ultra-Comfy Couch Some cats and dogs are particular when it comes to how they like to take their naps. With so many styles on the market, miniature couch beds can easily match the décor or type of furniture in the house and come several different lengths and heights. Lots of washable pillows and blankets are essential for this fancy furniture. From Enchanted Home Pet,    

Oversized Orthopedic Lounger – Pets need “sleep comfort” too and an orthopedic bed with a memory foam mattress will give your furry friend a better night’s sleep. These types of beds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and have enough room for them to fully stretch out their legs when resting. Available at