Holiday Traditions with Some of our Favorite Local Businesses

In The Spirit

Whether you’re snuggled up in the snowy weather with holiday tunes blanketing your surroundings, gathering with friends and family to celebrate in good company, or indulging your senses in recipes from generations past, the holiday traditions are plentiful this time of the year. Perhaps you remember the child-like magic that captivated you at a young age, the presents piled under the tree, acts of generosity and kindness, or family members visiting from out of town.  Whatever it is that sparks these sensorial moments seems to live deep in the hearts of many throughout the holidays.  A time to slow down and give thanks for everything this year has brought and turn towards those we care about to shine light on the simple things.  

To capture the heart of what truly matters in the busiest moments of life, we caught up with members of your Cherry Creek community to see what traditions they have established and fostered over the years.


Megan Quinn — 

For Megan Quinn, Broker Associate of Compass Real Estate Broker, she remembers laying underneath the Christmas tree as a child basking in the magic that was about to happen.  Her parents did an amazing job of keeping the magic alive during the holidays.  She adores the sense of being physically cozy and cherishes the unique ornaments that have been given to her throughout her life.  They all hold deep meaning and are her favorite things to put up and her least favorite thing to take down.  Christmas lights also always stay up through January as per Denver tradition created in the 1940s when it was declared that all lights must stay up until after the Stock Show.

Jane Snyder —

From decadent caviar and champagne brunches to her Mother’s traditional Apple Crisp, Jane Snyder of Mosaic Architects + Interiors truly knows how to spread the holiday cheer.  She remembers delicately decorating with silver streaks of tinsel and big fat lights that could potentially burn your tree down as a kid.  She also has a tradition of collecting fall leaves on her morning walks with her dog to decorate the dinner table, replacing them daily or as she sees fit.  For Jane, tradition ties the newer generations with the older ones and has a beautiful way of defining home no matter where you are.  

Jack TerHar —

Jack TerHar, Owner of Sill-TerHar Motors, loves their company holiday parties.  Every year they gather their employees together for a very special dinner.  Santa gives out gifts to each person and there are always lots of seasonal songs sung.  Fun, family, and fellowship are core to his holidays, and Jack views himself as a traditionalist through and through.  The more friends and family, the better! 

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