Home Care For Special Needs

"One Person Caring About Another Represents Life’s Greatest Value”

Article by Becka Corbitt

Photography by Courtesy of Inclusive Community Home Care Agency

Originally published in Frisco City Lifestyle

Local residents with disabilities don't have to stay at home in isolation, while still meeting their goal of living independently. There's a Frisco-based professional and team ready to come to their rescue. 

"At Inclusive Community Home Care Agency, we recognize the dedication and the devotion of the families and survivors of our veterans. We serve them as we would our own families and survivors because we value their loyalty and understand what they sacrificed to support us," says owner Christin Bradley, PhD. "Our home care services are available to veterans of all ages."

She says her team serves children as young as 4 years old to individuals over the age of 65 years old. "We also serve individuals with disabilities, such as those who are deaf or are hard of hearing, blind or low vision, individuals with autism, individuals with developmental disabilities, veterans, and more," she adds.

Inspirational is just one word that describes Christin. Growing up in a military household, her childhood was unique and offered her many opportunities to assimilate and embrace diverse groups of people. Because she moved often, she was forced to embrace new surroundings and adapt quickly to change.  

She attended high school in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she describes how God used this time in her life to open doors for her to experience volunteering in the special education classroom. This quickly became her passion and helped her define the vision she had for her future. She went on to graduate and pursue her education at the The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Quickly after graduating, she landed a job as a special education teacher, teaching middle school students with severe disabilities. It was also during this time that Christine served as a caregiver, providing in-home personal care services for two boys with Autism.

"This family quickly became like family to me," she recalls. 

Wanting to make an even deeper impact into the special needs community, Christin took a job with the federal government. She accepted a position with the Department of Defense Education Activity on Fort Stewart Army base. She says this position allowed her to work with special needs children of military families. She poured three years into this specialty.

Still wanting to expand her platform even further and after she received her master’s degree in human services and leadership, Christin accepted another federal government job, this time with The Department of Homeland Security to help prepare the disability community from disasters.

Christin graduated with her PhD during the summer of 2019, going on from there to pursue her passion toward entrepreneurship. Through prayer, mentoring and coaching, she says a year later she started the development of Inclusive Community Home Care Agency.

"I knew I wanted to reach the community in a broader way, I truly believe that everything has a particular purpose that is linked to a greater purpose," she says.

Inclusive Community Home Care is unique because they realize individuals with disabilities, specifically those who are blind, low vision, deaf or hard of hearing, don't receive equal access to health care. Knowing this, Inclusive Community offers accessible communication options, such as interpreting services, alternate formats and other assistive technology options for those who need care but require additional support.

Inclusive Community Home Care is dedicated to ensuring equal access to their clients who receive in-home care services. They believe it is essential for their caregivers and administrative staff to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities. They offer language services for individuals who may be deaf or hard of hearing, blind, speak limited or no English, and people who have speech disabilities.

Inclusive Community Home Care Agency serves those who have served our country. Inclusive staffers serve them as they would their own families and survivors because they value their loyalty and understand what they sacrificed to support all of us. These services are available to veterans of all ages, privately in their own homes.

As Myles Monroe projected:  "The journey may encounter many bumps and detours, but eventually it will come to a direct end."  



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