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At Jaipur Loft, Ancient Art Meets Modern Style

Jaipur Loft is a family affair. Owner Manisha Chilka opened the Indian boutique with her daughter and business partner, Akshita, in 2019, to share the artistry of her hometown of Jaipur, India, with fashion lovers in the United States. 

Their online shop and by-appointment boutique in Bridgewater specializes in handcrafted scarves, jewelry and home decor that pays homage to the rich and vibrant artisan culture of Jaipur, India. The selection includes imported items made by artisans in Jaipur as well as some of their own unique designs that are created using ancient techniques in a modern style.

Both Chilka and her daughter are passionate about sharing their culture. Their business idea took root while they were visiting family in Jaipur in 2018. They immersed themselves in the villages and began connecting with artisans and vendors that they still work with today.  

Of particular note are their handblock print scarves. Created from handwoven silk, chiffon and cotton fabrics, the elegant accessories are decorated with a plant-based dye that is imprinted onto the fabric by wooden blocks that are carved with intricate designs. “It’s an ancient art—a craft that takes years to master,” Chilka explains. “Jaipur artisans hand-carved every single one of these unique designs. It’s a long process but a beautiful outcome.” 

Jewelry is Chilka’s speciality. For years, she made jewelry for family and friends; opening the boutique is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Chilka’s jewelry—a selection of silver and gemstone necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings—are either handcrafted by her or by Jaipur artisans who bring her designs to life using local materials.  

Akshita views Jaipur Loft as a connection to her family’s cultural roots. “We’re working directly with master artisans who have learned their craft by hand over many generations,” she says. “The story behind us is what propels us, and it is something I really appreciate about what we do.”

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