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Indoor Lighting of All Different Styles


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Do you need some fresh light in your space? Whether you are looking for overhead lighting or lamps, here's a roundup of options for any decor style you have!

Fancy Chandeliers to Elevate Your Space

Some of us are just drawn to the finer things in life. If you love collecting and displaying vintage pieces in your home and decorate with a variety of deep, royal colors, you absolutely need a chandelier to top it off. Even an elevated minimalist interior design with brushed gold and glass table tops would look good with one of these chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Modern Chandeliers for Your Stylish Home

Look at your stylish home! You have all of the coolest modern art decor, and everything coordinates perfectly. So, of course, not just any overhead lighting will do. Your contemporary home deserves a conversation piece in the ceiling, a modern chandelier that will tie everything together.

Standing Lamps for Any Decor Style

Sometimes a home is absolutely perfect in every way—except for the lighting. I've seen many wonderful homes suffer from a lack of overhead lighting and feel very dark and gloomy. My current apartment does not have any lights in the living room, and while I have nice big windows to let in light during the day, it can feel a little sad on cloudy days and especially dark at night.

Standing floor lamps are a great solution because they are usually skinny enough to stick in any corner without taking up a ton of space. But they also provide a ton of light. Another bonus is that you can choose a lamp with a brighter, focused light for a reading chair, or you can use one with a softer lampshade for mood lighting.

Table Lamps for Any Decor Style

"Having proper lighting in your home sets the tone in every room. While overhead lights are great for more illumination, table lamps provide softer light for a more relaxed mood. They're also useful for reading. Below is a guide to choosing table lamps, whether your home is farmhouse chic, contemporary or bohemian."

Kate Baxendale