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Indoor Plant Inspiration


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

If you find yourself feeling a little empty or lonely, a great way to combat those feelings is to care for another living thing. And maybe you have children, but they have been going through some stuff lately, and it feels like an upward battle with them. Maybe you have pets, and they keep getting into the trash or pooping on your carpet. You know what won't ever let you down? Plants!

Indoor plants are great to care for because they are pretty and brighten up a room, they purify your air and some types even help you sleep better. So the more you pour into them, the more you get in return. And if you follow the right plant guides, they just keep growing.

Here is a roundup of indoor plant inspiration from green leafy plants to succulents to indoor herb gardens. See what inspires you the most, and start there!

A Guide to Living with House Plants

Why is it so important to bring the outdoors inside? It turns out we're polluting ourselves with our stellar home insulation. While it's awesome to keep our heating and cooling bills lower by having good insulation, we also trap air pollutants inside of our home. Luckily, plants can safely absorb these pollutants for us!

Did you know that different kinds of house plants provide different benefits? In the same way that you eat different fruits and vegetables for different vitamins and nutrients, you get a variety of health benefits by having multiple types of plants in your house.

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5 DIY Indoor Herb Gardens

"Cooking with fresh herbs adds so much flavor and color to your food. If you find yourself throwing out wilted bunches of cilantro and parsley week after week, it's time to start an indoor herb garden of your own! Not only does it look beautiful in your home, it also saves you money to grow your own herbs. Here are five clever ways to add an indoor herb garden to your space."

Kate Baxendale

Why Houseplants?

"The popularity of houseplants seems to come and go with trends of the time, but their benefits stay the same. Ranging from health related perks to decor function and aesthetics, let's take a look at the advantages of using houseplants in your space."

Heather Markway

How to Care for Succulents

"If you find yourself obsessed with succulents, welcome to the club! Succulents are, in my opinion, the easiest plants to grow—IF you know how to properly care for them. Knowledge is key—it’s the difference between succulents that thrive and succulents that wither away to nothing."

—Natalie Linda

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