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Making Sure Your Doors and Windows Keep the Heat Out Is the Key to a Cool Summer

Article by Tara Langton

Photography by Daniel Gertson

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

We spend a lot of time in our homes, especially in the summer when escaping the heat. But without the right doors and windows, the outdoor spaces you love and want to use can feel far away. Lindsay and Travis Hanson of Window World know that problem and are eager to help homeowners solve it. With summer in full swing, they say it can quickly become apparent that your existing windows and doors may not be up to the challenge these Texas summers can pose. 

“If you start to see fogging between the panes of glass, or if you can feel extreme heat or cold coming through,” Lindsay says, you’ll know you’re in trouble. “If windows won’t open or patio doors are hard to open, then it’s time to consider new ones.” Heat isn’t the only thing people want to keep out. “More people are trending toward patio doors since we have bugs in Texas,” Travis says. People with sliding doors can also add screens to cut down on the tiny invaders.

While heat and bugs need to be kept out, there’s one thing homeowners want to keep in: their money. “One of the most important things customers value is energy efficiency,” Travis points out. That’s why he, Lindsay, and the rest of their expert team make it their mission to outfit homes with the right pieces that fit anyone’s needs, budget, and style. “We always sold the F-150s of windows,” says Travis, “and we sell the Lamborghinis of windows too.” 

Window World has long been a family company, and Lindsay represents the fourth generation to serve the community. The company started in San Antonio as Brickstone in 1947 and made a name for itself after its siding product performed well when Hurricane Celia struck Corpus Cristi in 1970. Under the leadership of Lindsay’s parents, Martin and Debbie Bomba added the nationwide strength of the Window World franchise in 2003. Today, the company has showrooms in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and New Braunfels, and Martin and Debbie continue to lead their family business into the future.

It’s also business with a greater purpose at Window World. During the infamous Texas ice storm of 2021, the folks at the company were determined to help. They gave thousands of dollars to help their neighbors cover their suddenly sky-high utility bills. They regularly contribute to local fairs and sponsor athletic programs in their communities. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged, they turned their parking lot into an outdoor gathering place by hosting a food truck and providing space to spread out and safely hang out.

There’s no longer a need to spread out this summer, but there will be many opportunities to hang out with friends and loved ones. Lindsay and Travis are excited to help homeowners stay up-to-date and elevate the look and feel of their homes, especially with Windsor's new architectural series collection. Keep the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces smooth, and you’ll stay as cool as the summer breeze. | 210-446-0080 (San Antonio) | 830-243-6889 (New Braunfels)

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