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Influential Living and Intentional Success

Allan and Nicole Blain embrace adversities as a tool to create a ripple effect of positivity

Article by Patti Gordon

Photography by Lyndsey Sayles Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Success doesn’t come easily. For Allan Blain, Gallatin author, podcast host, entrepreneur and lifestyle coach, success was the only option when faced with challenges and life-altering decisions in his own life. Out of obstacles and adversities that were overcome, success became both the bedrock of his family and the driving force that still keeps him motivated personally and professionally. Throughout all of the hardships encountered, Allan has been able to turn trials into testimony to help, impact and inspire others.

Alongside Allan, and his true partner in life’s success, is his wife Nicole. A large challenge they faced early on was when Nicole started experiencing serious health concerns in her twenties. With three young children at the time, Allan and Nicole searched for answers. Over the two years that followed, and after trying many medical and natural recommendations that did not yield results, Nicole made some dietary changes and implemented a supplement program that consisted of whole-food concentrated extracts that helped her repair and heal. The transformation that the simple changes made became a catalyst for Allan and Nicole to use their knowledge and experience to coach others along the way on the same journey. From their own story of healing, a true heart for helping others was magnified and they made it their mission to help others through any means or medium necessary.

As a first step, Allan and Nicole immersed themselves in becoming oriented and experts in fitness and nutrition coaching. As Allan recalls, the first few years in this space was considered a hobby, but they used every moment in learning to find ways to grow and improve their own capabilities to serve others. As momentum continued and other opportunities presented themselves, it became clear that this once hobby had evolved into something bigger that was going to allow them to pass on their own knowledge to others who were similarly looking for effective solutions applicable to their own lives.

“We love coaching from practical experience, not theory. I coach from 30 years of mistakes and lessons learned as a husband, father, police officer, general contractor, real estate broker, investor and the past eight years in our current nutritional business,” Allan says. Coaching is a lifestyle that the Blains have embraced and they continue to expand their reach and influence locally and nationally.

As Allan and Nicole continued helping those with various nutritional, health and life struggles as nutrition and leadership coaches, they realized that this area of life that they enjoyed doing “on the side” had grown to the point of generating a full-time income for their large family. Continuing to find and evolve that passion for helping others find their own passions and solve various issues in life came naturally. Simply by doing the right things and having a heart for people, they were able to combine their own different skill sets in a way to connect and coach multiple people from various walks of life and they have enjoyed every moment of it.

The Blains have become great resources and leaders in the wellness space. They have created a community and ecosystem of positivity for those looking to change and better their own health. They are active across all their social media platforms, regularly interacting and openly helping those who are looking for related answers to common issues. Their websites continue to be helpful tools, they have a book in the works to be published and released at a later date, plans to launch their first Couplepreneurs Luxury Beach Retreat as well as an online course and mastermind for couplepreneurs.

As another way of expanding reach and impact, Allan also began a weekly podcast in September 2022 with the mission of sharing stories of success to encourage others who are looking for ways to succeed in their own relationships, finances, businesses, careers and health challenges. Each week includes an interview with a well-known guest who has faced some of the same relatable challenges in life and how they were able to overcome them and succeed anyway! These interviews focus on having the right mindset, winning strategies and powerful techniques that successful people must have in their lives. For the Blains, these very tools that have helped them to flourish in their career and life personally, are shared as tangible ways to give back from so many lessons learned. Currently, the podcast Life’s Hard, Succeed Anyway is ranked in the top 3% of all podcasts globally and regularly features interviews with both locally and nationally-renowned guests.

Through their own personal stories, heartaches and triumphs, Allan and Nicole have been able to take back the power in their lives and share with others how to arm themselves with the winning mindset and strategies for success. Allan and Nicole are pushing to help others thrive in the most important aspects of life and helping people have a proper perspective in their own challenges so they can view and use those as assets rather than liabilities.

Keeping a clear vision for what they were called to do in helping others, Allan and Nicole still maintain that their daily relationship with each other and their six children is always their number one priority. Understanding the importance of investing not only in health but also in relationships with each other is key to being effective with a healthy work life balance and is the only way to be effective personally in the relationships they cultivate and professionally in the business they continue to build.

Together, Allan and Nicole Blain continue to be a formidable team and such a valuable resource of motivation and lifestyle to help people everywhere succeed. What once started as a hobby of necessity has proven to grow into a realm that has helped so many people from all walks and seasons of life.

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"Success begins with believing that we are capable of attaining the goals that we set out to accomplish." -Allan Blain