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SOS Mobile Medical is Bringing Back the "House Call"

“People say they did not know this existed–our goal is to change that,” says Dr. Roderick Bennett M.D., with SOS Mobile Medical. 

SOS Mobile Medical, a new and innovative company that is redefining medicine, is taking over South Baldwin. Thanks to the likes of members Dr. Roderick Bennett M.D. Medical Director, Anthony Tkac, Clinical Operations, and Jason Gulledge, VP, Business Development, Glen Smith Jr. VP, Client Relations, residents now have an on call–or text–medical expert at all times. 

“90 percent of what we do in the emergency room can be done in the comfort of one’s own home,” says Dr. Bennett. “We started this company to renovate what medicine is down here. I used to work in an emergency room as an emergency physician, so I know firsthand what people need. Often times, it is not just the patient that gets frustrated, it is the doctors too. We want to do what we do best and that is treat people. But, we can’t treat people the way we would like to. We would not really get to know you. That is why my team and I came up with this concept. We are a concierge–even though I hate using that term–company with an affordable price. Each house visit is much cheaper than paying a copay at a doctor’s office. In fact, for some that need extra care, we offer a program where it is $150 per month at a flat rate. Within that rate you get unlimited visits, phone calls, and even texts.” 

Not only does SOS go the extra mile for patients, they have often helped patients travel the extra mile themselves for prescriptions. 

“When you call us, it goes to us instead of a phone operator. We start your care as soon as you give us a call. If we think we can treat you over the phone without a house call, we will. It takes a several-hour wait time down to virtually anything. We had a patient once who called us who was visiting the area. He had no car to get his prescriptions after we treated him, so we ordered him a taxi service so he could go pick up the medicine he needed,” says Bennett. 

Gulledge adds on to Bennett’s statement and says that like most people, “he was as naive as the next person when it came to healthcare. I had the insurance attached to my job and that was it. When Dr. Bennett approached me with this concept and we began, the main thing we noticed was a lack of awareness. People were asking how it was possible repeatedly. Our response was, ‘because no one else is doing it.’ Healthcare does not have to be the way it has always been, and we are excited to be a pioneer in the area for bringing back the house call.” 

“We want to just let everyone know that yes, this is a thing. We are excited to bring this to the area.” Call SOS Mobile Medical and get new healthcare in 2023 at 813 226 3332

  • From L-R; Jason Gulledge, Anthony Tkac, and Dr. Roderick Bennett