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Newtown Chiropractor Gets To Roots Of Women's Sports Injuries

Dr. Jennifer Grozalis has treated Newtown residents and local athletes since 2000 when she started Synergy Sports Rehabilitation and Chiropractic. A sports chiropractor specializing in soft tissue therapy, the physician treats not only bones and joints but also the surrounding tissues, muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments.

“What we do at Synergy is the future of sports injuries treatments,” she explains. “We have the most advanced equipment and are constantly pursuing more education to make sure we're offering our patients the best and most innovative care available.”

While many people typically associate chiropractors' work with simply adjusting the spine to treat back and neck injuries — therapies Dr. Grozalis practices by combining medical massage-based techniques with decompression therapy and laser therapy for "amazing results" — her personal philosophy centers on treatments aimed at eradicating patients' conditions long term.

“There’s a whole field where we can address the soft tissue injuries that cause lifelong pain,” she explains. “I went in this direction because it's an area of rehabilitation not addressed and why so many people live in pain.”

She says she treats all types of fasciitis, tendonitis and strains. “These techniques aren't only quick and effective for sports injuries, but also for hard-to-treat cases involving disc herniations and nerve impingements,” she says. “Through years of continuing education and perfecting the techniques to address these conditions, I can treat them and prevent them from coming back.”

She works with active women of all ages and especially identifies with her patients. “I have experienced firsthand all kinds of strains and injuries from overuse and just pushing myself too hard at times,” she says, “so I understand how to treat these women and get them out of pain quickly and efficiently.”

During the summer, the doctor says she sees a rise in sports injuries related to outdoor activities. She finds athletic injuries, such as strains, typically stem from overuse or repetitive stress on the joints and surrounding soft tissues. The physician's chosen form of treatment gets to the root, using soft tissue therapies before strengthening or stabilization exercises.

“The soft tissue therapies I use were specifically designed for athletes to decrease scar tissue and adhesions and reduce pain,” she explains.

Pickleball, says the doctor, has seen a recent rise in popularity. This likely contributes to increased cases of tennis elbow, described by pain in the lateral part of elbows stemming from a strain in the muscles that extend the wrist. The physician's chosen treatment method decreases development of scar tissue using active release techniques. “Combined with Kinesio tape and laser therapy, which cuts healing time in half, these weekend warriors can return quickly to the court," she says.

The proof comes directly from her patients. "I have patients who have long struggled with their conditions often say they're surprised they never received this type of treatment before,” she says. “I've had patients who've suffered for years with tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis, and after a couple of weeks of treatment, they no longer experience pain.”


Warmer weather means more cases of tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis from running. While certain sneakers and orthotics can help, manual soft tissue therapy helps to eliminate patients' pain for good. - Dr. Jennifer Grozalis

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