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Innovative Lights Showcase Home's Magic

“Elevate Your Home with Stunning Lighting: Holiday Displays and Landscape Illumination.”

Steve Gogatz, the owner of Light Up My Holiday and Innovative Light Designs, has been passionate about outdoor lighting since he was 12 years old, after experiencing Disneyland's "It's a Small World" ride. His fascination with lighting has led him to brighten over 5,000 customers' homes and businesses with dazzling holiday light displays and permanent outdoor landscape lighting.

For the first five years, Steve's projects were free, as he pursued his hobby while still attending middle and high school. Many of his early clients were in Placentia, where he went to Kramer and Valencia. Later, during his college years, Steve's hobby turned into a business, and people began seeking his elaborate designs to bring joy and excitement to their communities. His holiday lighting installations often won local decorating contests, and it was fulfilling for Steve to see his designs recognized and his customers delighted with his work.

Today, Light Up My Holiday and Innovative Light Designs are among the largest and most sought-after lighting services in Orange County, thanks to Steve's commitment to detail, quality, creativity, and vision. The company's lighting installations have gained fame on major TV networks' nightly news programs. The most famous holiday lighting project is Setwarts Vineyard in Yorba Linda. Search 5792 Grandview is YouTube.  The addition of permanent outdoor landscape lighting services has earned them several national awards for their work. In 2021, Innovative Light Designs won the Top Award in a national lighting contest for Best Outdoor Landscape Lighting on a residential Estate, and in 2022, the company won another Top Award for the Best Commercial Project lighting design for the Daou Vineyards in Paso Robles.

According to Steve, what sets his business apart from others is its commitment to providing a unique, innovative design and installation for its clients, with elegant yet subtle lighting that creates ambiance. Their lighting products are top-of-the-line, American-made, and come with a twenty-year warranty. The fixtures are wholly integrated LED lights that don't use traditional light bulbs, and with a large selection of 85 different styles of lighting fixtures, Steve's team can offer a variety of choices and application options to provide the best design and installation for their customers.

In addition to their quality lighting products, Steve's team provides follow-up maintenance checkups every six months to ensure that their lighting installations are in good working order. This is something that clients have praised, as they say, other lighting companies install products and never return. Steve's team also offers a free night-time demonstration, setting up 75 lights as a mock-up to showcase the possibilities of what they can do for a property's ambiance.

All of the lighting projects showcased on their website were installed "as-is" or "retrofit," meaning that customers can have the same lighting effects on their own homes without needing to undergo any construction. Steve invites anyone interested in enhancing their property's ambiance with a lighting display or landscape lighting to visit their website and watch their introductory video to understand what Innovative Light Designs can do for their home. Customers can also call (949) 484-5864 to schedule a free night-time demonstration.

Overall, Steve's passion for outdoor lighting has led him to create a business that provides not just beautiful lighting installations but also creates joy and excitement for his clients. With their commitment to detail, quality, creativity, and vision, Innovative Light Designs is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their property's ambiance.


  • Steven Gogatz, Owner, Innovative Light Designs