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QC Kinetix offers treatment alternatives to surgery and pain medications.

Whether it comes from an injury or a medical condition, pain can change your life and reduce your activity level. Traditional methods of dealing with pain and injuries may provide relief, but there can be unintended drawbacks.

At QC Kinetix, regenerative medicine utilizes the body’s own healing power through a natural biologic approach. Treatment plans are tailored to fit individualized needs. Superior service and attention are given to patients as they receive state-of-the-art treatments. Some patients feel relief after their first treatment, but results vary by patient.

Drew and Missy Bright opened the local branch of QC Kinetix in Kettering in November 2021, bringing the rapidly growing field to the Miami Valley. Innovation has made regenerative medicine scalable now, where it was once only available to top-tier athletes like company spokesman and former NFL legend, Emmitt Smith. In a testimonial video, Smith says, “I’m not giving in to the pain, and neither should you.”

Surgeries can often have lengthy recovery times, and pain medications carry the risk of addiction. Treatments at QC Kinetix are less invasive, require little to no recovery time, and don’t necessitate pain medications. Treatments can also be used in conjunction with other medical solutions such as physical therapy and chiropractic visits. Options can be discussed during a free consultation.

Drew says, “My wife and I wanted to establish a clinic in which the patient's experience is a top priority.  We want to be on the journey with our patients as they go through our treatments to meet their goals whether that's being a dog walker, playing golf again, walking on the beach, getting up and down the stairs or even getting in and out the car with little to no pain. It has been and is very rewarding for Missy and me to see the improved quality of life of our patients.”

QC Kinetix employs a medical director and nurse practitioners to help design and provide treatments. Drew states, “Our medical staff is tremendous, and the patient’s care is a top priority. Our staff is the reason for our success.”

Patricia M. Gilmore offers this reflection on her experience after five treatments, “Everyone from the Kettering staff has been wonderful, professional, and caring. They really care about my well-being and success with the procedure. QC Kinetix has been a game-changer for me. I never thought I’d be pain-free.”

Whether it’s pain in the knees, lower back, hips, shoulders, or elsewhere, QC Kinetics can offer a plan aimed at providing life-changing treatments that can help take away pain without pills.

Types of Pain Treated

Bursitis: Inflammation in the bursa area in the hips or shoulders. Bursitis can be caused by using repetitive motions or putting joints in positions that apply pressure to the bursae near that joint. Bursitis may also be caused by trauma to a joint.

Tendonitis: Inflammation or irritation in the tendons of the joints. Overuse and strain on a joint may cause tendonitis. Examples include tennis or golf elbow, bicep tendonitis and gluteal tendinosis. Extreme or sudden motions and poor body mechanics can also cause tendonitis. 

Arthritis: Inflammation of all types of joints causing stiffness and a decrease in mobility. Arthritis occurs when the cartilage between your bones and joints gradually deteriorates. 

Muscle pain: Pulling, spasms and reduced range of motion. Muscle pain can be caused by tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries. Muscle pain can be treated whether it’s due to a chronic condition, an accident or a sports injury.

QC Kinetix: Non-Surgical Regeneration

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