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Inside Billy G's

The most famous person you don't know

Whether it’s watching a Blues game at the rustic bar made from reclaimed wood, or enjoying delicious cocktails outside on a heated patio, Billy G’s is known for integrating a modern atmosphere with a vintage appeal in the heart of downtown Kirkwood.

“We want you to feel like you’re at home,” says General Manager, Matt Fazio. “From a table for two to a party of 14, there’s room for everybody to sit down together and enjoy big portions of fantastic food. Our menu ranges from Chicken Spiedini to Shrimp and Grits. We’ve got something for everyone.”

Billy G’s is known for great food and family atmosphere, but if you don’t know Ron, the legendary food server, you’re missing out on a big part of Billy G’s.

Ron Lesmeister is known for serving food with a big side of fun. “Customers love him,” Matt exclaims enthusiastically. “I couldn’t imagine him not being here.”

“The staff has truly embraced Ron as more than just a server. He’s a member of their family,” stated Matt. “He’s like everyone’s father and grandfather.” Known for joking with the customers and poking fun at the staff, Ron has made a name for himself at Billy G’s.

“The staff calls me Papa, Grandpa, and Old Man. I’m an aggravator,” Ron said with a smile. “Customers come in and ask for me. I like to have fun with the employees and interact with my customers. I’ll ask about their kids and sit down to look at the pictures of their vacations.”

From kids to adults, no one is off-limits when Ron is their server. He loves playing games with his core customers, and they love joking right back with him. The luckiest of customers will hear Ron sing “Happy Birthday” to them when he serves their complimentary birthday Sunday.

“Billy G’s blows me away.” Ron describes how the Kirkwood community is truly what makes this a Hot Spot. “People can spend hours at Billy G’s enjoying the crowds and the cocktails. We have some people who come in every day. Billy G’s goes out of their way for their customers. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Ron even shared that he’s likely to save a table or two for some of his favorite customers.

Next time you are at Billy G’s, be sure to ask for Ron. He will greet you with a huge smile and describe the Chef’s specials of the day. But be warned, a joke is right around the corner.