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An Insight into Boerne Custom Woodworks

Article by Aubrey Matson

Photography by Sarah Brooke Lyons

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Boerne Lifestyle likes to say: Buy Local! And Nathan McCollister’s Boerne Custom Woodworks is a gem to be discovered in the realm of furniture artistry. Creating custom, made-to-order pieces ranging from tables all the way to liquor cabinets, McCollister’s one-of-a-kind designs have made their way into the homes of many in the community.

Q: How did Boerne Custom Woodworks begin, and what is its specialty?

A: McCollister started his furniture endeavors after working over 15 years in the home improvement industry. After his experiences with long work commutes, his wife suggested the idea of beginning something new. The rest is history, beginning a new career of craftsmanship and design in the Boerne community. Through some extensive trial and error, he has gained signature craftsmanship when it comes to furniture. McCollister makes all-custom cabinetry, tables, desks, and a variety of other furniture pieces.

Q: What is Boerne Custom Woodwork’s process for creating a piece?

A: McCollister begins his process by meeting with a customer in their home for a consultation where they discuss their furniture wants, needs, and any other details for their design. Then, he creates a design which he brings back to the customer to make any adjustments. Finally, after finishing details are decided, like stain color and finish, McCollister begins production of the pieces. He noted that meeting with a customer in their home is helpful for not only grasping the space where the furniture will be, but also getting to know the customer.

Q: What is McCollister’s favorite piece he has made?

A: The furniture craftsman explained that while he enjoys making tables in all sizes, he was particularly fond of a liquor cabinet he made. While his job relies heavily on customers' input, he does enjoy getting to exercise his creativity that he can inject into a piece.


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