Eye of the Beholder

Sarah Bell is a commercial photographer specializing in interiors, architecture and environmental portraiture. Armed with her camera and college degrees in photography and interior design, Sarah captures a fresh perspective on what makes Memphis special.

In photographing Lindsey Black, of Lindsey Black Interiors, Sarah examines how her design business inspires her wardrobe. 

Q: How would you describe your overall design aesthetic?

Classic mixed with modern, polished yet approachable, thoughtful use of color, pattern, and texture, and careful attention to detail. Incorporation of vintage/antique items and original art.

Q: What design features are you specifically drawn to? 

I love all color but tend to lean towards more rich, saturated colors, as well as earthy tones that have great depth. I love to mix wood types, metal finishes, ceramic, glass and a variety of fabrics in a space. I strive to vary the textures of fabrics as well—like upholstering a velvet chair with a leather contrast welt. 

I love pattern mixing and will often combine a structured pattern like a stripe or check with something more organic, such as a watercolor floral pattern. If a fabric has a really interesting pattern with incredible colors, it can inspire the design of an entire room!

Accessorizing a space is a great way to work in vintage and antique items, as well as personal touches. I will always buy vintage books, glassware, brass items and oddities to have on hand. I have a storage unit full of them yet can never seem to have enough! They help bring interest to a room and contribute to the original, personalized, layered feeling I want every room we design to have. I strongly believe that art is critical to the success of the design of a room. I lean towards large-scale, original art, and I like to mix a variety of styles and mediums in a space. I also believe in the importance of thoughtful, quality art framing. 

Q: How would you describe your fashion style?

Classic with a little edge, thoughtful incorporation of fun/colorful pieces, avoidance of heavy trends. Comfortable, while still polished.

Q: Would you say that your involvement in the interior design world has informed your wardrobe?

Absolutely! With both design and fashion, I believe in investing in well-made, foundational pieces, like a high-quality sofa with a timeless silhouette or a classic leather jacket. I believe both design and fashion are forms of art, and I look for those artistic, detailed touches in both. I avoid “fast fashion,” just like I avoid trendy, throw-away home décor. I do not believe in always making the “safe” choice when buying a more expensive piece of clothing or furniture. If you really love something, go for it! 

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