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Inspired by Success

Marcia Houston, Designer, Retailer, Owner of The Nest, 3210 W. Chinden Blvd. #133, Eagle, Idaho

Article by Julie Meyer

Photography by Ruth Novella

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

What defining moments set you on your career path? 

I believe that it's always about timing and being prepared to see the path. People are often presented with an opportunity, but if they are not prepared, they will not see it.  

I was in college working for a nationwide retail company, and I was given the opportunity to start a retail management training program. I had grandiose ideas of going into social work. Another mentor in my life, said to me, "Do you really want to help other people? Then do something that will create jobs." Creating an environment for people to work in has always been a big motivation for me.

I started my career as a new buyer for a large retail company and had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of the $12 billion company I was working for. I had 5 minutes of his time, I asked him, "What would be the most important leadership quality to obtain?" He answered without even thinking, "The ability to communicate." This is so true—you can have all the talent in the world, but if you cannot communicate and motivate, nothing will ever get accomplished!

What motivates you?  

Every part of my work motivates me. Offering beautiful items large and small that my clients and friends can connect with. Creating living and workspaces for my clients that will improve their lives every day.

What are your success habits?

The books that I read, the people I associate with, the places I travel to. For me, I must constantly be in a place of inspiration and wonder—how else will I find those amazing items that my clients, customers and friends can connect with and make their lives better in their nests?

"I have always believed that the definition of success is 'the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal.' This definition has been with me every day of my life in both my private and work life,  from the beginning."