Inspired by Success

Bea Blackburn +Executive Director of the Women and Children's Alliance +Optimistic +Energetic +Passionate

What is your definition of success?

The ability to create positive change in the community and working to leave my corner of the world better than when I came into it.

What is something you are passionate about?

Helping each individual to recognize their strength, value and self-worth, which is at the heart of what we do at the WCA.

What is something you are proud of?

My family. My husband and I have two children, one of whom is now married with two children of her own. They are all amazing, and I am so lucky that they live close and I get to see them often.

How did you find your career path?

I followed my passion and embraced opportunities as they presented themselves. My position as executive director allows me to use my skills as a former small business owner and accountant and to draw from experiences gained through many years working in our community.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in pursuing your career?

Learn how to read and understand financial statements. If you want to “do good,” you also have to have the resources to do so. This requires the ability to engage others in sharing your vision but also maximizing the impact of the resources they are willing to share in order to reach that vision.

What can our readers do to help support your organization?

Come to one of our on-site tours or invite me into your workplace to share about the services we offer. Many individuals think they know what we do, but inevitably after attending one of our tours, they let us know they had no idea about the depth and breadth of our services.

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