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Darling Homes Builds Dreams With Pride

For people who believe homes are expressions of their personal lives, Darling Homes delivers the hallmarks of functionality and livability.

Darling floor plan designs intentionally create exceptional living spaces for adaptable living, says Karla Horton, Darling Homes | Taylor Morrison vice president of sales and marketing. "Higher roof pitches, intimate volume, terminating views, mud lockers, private studies and thoughtful transitions are just a few of the things you will see when you find yourself in a Darling home," Karla adds. 

Taking cues from nature, Darling homes feature authentic stonework and environmentally sensitive materials that blend seamlessly with the outdoors. They use quality materials, and designers guide homeowners through every step. They take pride in delivering gorgeous streetscapes, authentic architecture and impressive color palettes, too. 

Founded in 1987, Frisco-based Darling Homes was one of North Texas' most successful family-owned builders. The home construction company was purchased by national homebuilder and developer Taylor Morrison in 2013. Taylor Morrison has operations in other parts of Texas, as well as Arizona, California, Colorado and Florida., 469.252.2306, 469.252.2255