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Inspired Wellness

Wellness coach Christy Wynne is raising two kids in Glendale with her husband Jeff.

I've had my fair share of health challenges and learned so much. I have had experience with years of stomach issues, skin rashes, food intolerances, and auto-immune disease and in 2019 had to have open heart surgery to repair a leaky valve. Each of these has made me more aware of my body and its needs. 

In 2003, I lost my Dad to heart disease and became even more passionate about my overall health. In 2008, I broke away from my corporate job and created Inspire Wellness Stl. 

I created the Live Well healthy lifestyle program to make healthy easier for people and their families. It all starts with self-care and making that a priority in life. Self-care is our foundation, and when we take care of ourselves, we feel energized, flourish in our relationships, and are happier. Living a more fulfilling life starts with how we take care of ourselves.

In addition to creating private and corporate healthy lifestyle programs and smoothie classes, I host quarterly wellness retreats in a beautiful setting 40 minutes from Kirkwood. It's a chance to detach from technology, enjoy nature, connect with others, and become inspired along your health and wellness journey. 

Follow Christy on Instagram and Facebook @inspirewellstl 

  • Health and Wellness Coach Christy Wynne