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After Cancer Chris Gathers Spreads His Message of Hope, Love

Nearly three years ago Chris Gathers had a bout of strange symptoms and came to the frightening conclusion that he might be having a stroke or an aneurysm

The actual diagnosis for his piercing headaches, out-of-body feelings, and vision problems was even more devastating than what he imagined: A brain tumor. He envisioned a worst-case scenario: A two-year life span if surgery and other treatments didn’t work. 

“I thought ‘My life is over and I’m dying.’ At 47 I thought I’d just figured out life. I was in a good spot with my kids, my work and my personal life.”

Today, Chris is mostly cancer-free after surgeons at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston removed 98 percent of the golf ball-sized tumor - a type of cancer called oligodendroglioma - and doctors are currently treating the remaining cancer with a targeted therapy called Tibsovo. 

He undergoes an MRI scan every three months to monitor the area, but the tumor has not returned. 

“My long term prognosis now is very good. It’s  always possible it could return, but my oncologist keeps a close eye on it with a brain scan every three months and they are treating it like a chronic illness.”  

He and his wife, Nancy, have two children, 15 year-old Brooke, and Ella, who is nine. The family has lived in Glastonbury for 12 years.    

His cancer, he says, has changed him forever.

“To say that this has been a life changing experience would be an understatement. It immediately refocused me on what matters most. I made the commitment that I was going to live the rest of my life with as few regrets as possible, living a purpose-filled life of helping others.”

As part of that commitment Chris In March of 2022 (exactly one year after his surgery) began an Instagram page, @CulminationPoint, to share his story via video posts. In them, Chris seeks to convey his message of hope and to inspire others, he said, to discover their untapped capacity for self-compassion, love, and patience. 

“Basically, to spread kindness from the inside out.”

He posts almost daily to his Instagram page. 

“Recording my thoughts, while walking my dogs through various parts of town. I have been surprised by the love I have received back - gaining nearly 13,000 wonderful followers who are the foundation and support of this growing community. 

Some of his recent posts cover topics such as how to overcome feelings of vulnerability and be more open in relationships, how to take control of your life and feelings and how to grow emotionally during challenging times.

“You’re not alone in feeling like you let the moments get by without you fully appreciating them.  you’re not alone in thinking that certain relationships aren’t where they need to be, including with yourself,” he says in one of his videos on the page. “You’re not alone in being disappointed with some of the interactions you have with others. We try the best that we can and the best you can do is be mindful and aware of chances that you’ve missed and try to do better next time, if it all presents itself again.”

He says he hopes his video messages help people, even if it’s only in a small way. 

“There’s been great reception to it and I hope my messages resonate. I’m not looking to change someone’s life, there are too many people out there who promise that, or think that. My job is to hopefully be the catalyst to the next step forward, even if it’s a small step, help someone bust out of inertia and start some sort of forward progress.”

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“I thought ‘My life is over and I’m dying.’ At 47 I thought I’d just figured out life." Chris Gathers