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Hey Fayette County! Did you know?

Our golf cart lifestyle is fun, but are you thoroughly protected?

Yes, the golf cart lifestyle certainly is fun and convenient. We love that we have our own parking spaces at stores and restaurants. How amazing that the original planners of PTC actually wanted to be able to link every home, every street and every golf course to a golf cart path. They make our lives easier and even a little more special, don't they? However, if you think your golf cart is covered from liability, theft,
accidental collision or unforeseen damages on your homeowner's policy, think again. Recently, we had a customer call us who experienced an accident with injuries involved. Fortunately, they had coverage on the golf cart and the claim was handled! We've had many of these calls and with people, young and old, using their carts more than ever, insurance has never been more important. 

Golf carts used on your own property or the golf course are generally covered under the
homeowner's insurance policy, but golf carts used OFF of the property, like on the paths we use in Peachtree City,
are generally NOT covered by said policy. That means if you or a family member are on one of our paths and something happens... anything that causes damage to you or another driver/rider, that cost may not be covered.

Thankfully, many insurance companies offer coverage for your protection and the protection of others. Contact your local agent for information. Or, you can call me, Ky Dickerson, State Farm Agent in PTC at 770-632-8882, and I can answer all of your questions. Be safe on the paths and keep on living our fabulous lifestyle!

About Ky Dickerson: Ky has been working in the insurance industry for over 26 years. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, she began her career with State Farm Insurance in 1993 as a claims adjuster in Bradenton, Florida. After twelve years and three relocations in Florida, she moved to Georgia where she became a Claim Team Manager for the organization. Since 2008, she has owned and operated a successful agency, the Ky Dickerson Insurance Agency in Peachtree City. Ky and her team specialize in helping customers navigate risks and assist them with solutions in reaching their financial goals.