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Kevin and Molly Jarvis are the owners of Brasstacks, an interior design and construction business located in Kansas City. Just like the namesake of their business, which means “details of immediate practical importance,” their beautiful home is also full of detail and clean, intentional design.  

The couple met in art school and connected through their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.  
“Kevin was going for graphic design and I was going for fashion design,” Molly says. “We have always been dreamers, so even while we were both doing other ventures, we would think of different businesses we could own, and they all had creativity in common. Kevin started Brasstacks initially as a furniture design company, which evolved from furniture to being a general contractor. I had been previously working for Anthropologie doing visual merchandising and store design and came onboard to do the interior design.” 

Molly describes her style as modern with personality.

“I love clean lines and being intentional with everything we do, but I also love lots of texture, warmth and natural elements. When we originally started this house, we were thinking French modern, leaving some of the traditional elements mixed with vintage and a warm palette. Over time, the project evolved in a good way, as most projects do, and we landed with lots of warm wood, whites and creams, and an autumnal palette of mustard, ochre and rust. We have a good amount of vintage, custom and handmade with affordable everyday pieces in the mix. It’s all about striking a good balance for me and not going too heavy in any one of those areas.”

Molly is inspired to create just by looking at different materials.

“I see a tile and can envision a bathroom based on that piece, or I see a piece of furniture and get inspired for cabinetry. We also just love working with people. Every person and space poses new challenges, and we love that in the end, we are bettering their quality of life and bringing happiness and functionality to their space.”

While it was difficult to pick just one place as her favorite area in her home, Molly narrowed it down to two rooms.

“I think I'd have to say my living and dining room, which all came together at the last minute. So many wonderful and creative people helped us out in these two rooms. Our table was put together by Urban Lumber Company from wood we had dried for three years at my dad’s farm. A local artist named Jordan Haley created the painting just for us and our palette. A-Frame Design collaborated with us on the custom coffee table. The dining hutch was a collaboration with our good friend, Phil, from Wheat and Waves. And the chairs were vintage and repurposed with new leather cushions. Nothing about these rooms was easy—the objects were very thought out and the product of a lot of creativity.”

As for her favorite feature of her home, it can be found in the kitchen.

“The kitchen cabinets were meant to feel less like cabinets and more like furniture with a lot of the detailing. I love the feet and the setback frames.”

Several furniture pieces were purchased from Golden and Pine.

“We love Golden and Pine. Not only does their store align stylistically with us, but we also love that their products are made by a person and not mass produced at the lowest possible price in a factory.”

If you’re looking to go down the same path of remodeling, Molly has some tips.

“Be honest, work hard and see every mistake as a learning opportunity. This is our fifth personal home in our eight years of marriage. We have never intentionally tried to flip a house, but naturally we finish, sell and start a new project. We really just enjoy creating and utilize our personal homes as a testing ground for new contractors, new ideas or ways of doing things.”

Turn your design dreams into reality by working with the Jarvis family through their business, Brasstacks. 

“We specialize in large high-end remodels, additions and new construction,” Molly says. “We do everything from the schematic design stages, to construction and furnishing. We try to do custom in everything we do, from cabinetry to furniture, and we love supporting makers, whether it be handmade, tile or light fixtures.”

Each project is broken into phases: design package, bidding, construction and furnishing. They will soon offer single room updates specifically in the kitchen and bath starting March 15. For more information, visit  

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