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Interior Design Trends

With Shawna Kuykendall Interiors

1.        Unexpected Punch

Inject a touch of surprise into your home by adding an unexpected pop of color to spaces like the butler's pantry, mudroom, closet, or wine room. Opt for a bold hue that contrasts with the surrounding decor to create a focal point and add visual interest. Consider painting the walls, cabinetry, or even incorporating colorful tiles or wallpaper to transform these often-overlooked areas into vibrant and inviting spaces. Balance the bold color with neutral accents and textures to ensure harmony and coherence within the room. This unexpected punch of color not only adds personality to your home but also creates memorable and dynamic spaces that guests will admire.

2.        Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper!

Embrace the resurgence of wallpaper by creating statement walls with bold patterns or murals, considering the room's purpose and scale when selecting designs. Mix and match different patterns within the same space for depth and personality, maintaining cohesion with a consistent color palette or theme. Explore surprising locations by accentuating alcoves, backsplashes, cabinet interiors, ceilings and wine rooms.

3.        Jewel Toned Moodiness

Create an atmosphere of opulence and sophistication by embracing jewel tones to evoke the richness of precious gemstones. Harnessing the power of these hues can infuse your space with a moody yet luxurious ambiance. Layering different jewel tones adds depth and complexity to the room. Incorporate them into upholstery, throw pillows, rugs, draperies, art or found objects while introducing brass finishes to enhance luminosity and appeal.

  • Interiors by Sarah Vaile Design. Photography by Aimee Mazzenga.
  • Shawna Kuykendall and Hannah White. Photography by Sydnie Liska.
  • Interiors by Samuel Masters. Photography by Trevor Parker.