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Interior Design: What's In for '22?

Bethany Jones, of Bethany Jones Interiors, shares what's popular for interior home design.

Article by Jennifer Conforti

Photography by Elizabeth Lauren Jones Photography

Originally published in Fayette County Lifestyle

What do homeowners want to update most these days?

Great question! The primary bedrooms seem to be really popular right now for people. I’ve done a lot of these and that seems to be the main room that people are looking at updating. Most clients want a full-on refresh all the way down to their bedding. They may have one piece of furniture in the room they want to hang on to, but on the whole, most are changing everything. The bed itself, dressers, paint color or wallpaper, pillows and furnishings.

Is wallpaper trending right now? 

Oh, I love wallpaper! I wouldn’t say it’s trending… I try not to get into the trendy things. I like to stick with timeless design plans but it’s such a fun way to add color or pattern or texture to a space and some clients let me play with that fun feature. When I have those clients that really give me free rein with texture and color and extra features, I get really excited!

What is popular now in kitchens and baths?

I would say, the earth-color tones are showing up on cabinets both in kitchens and bathrooms. Some are choosing bold colors, but the soft earthy greens, like Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog, are really popular right now. It’s a color that really connects with nature. Or even the perimeter cabinets are earthy green and the island is stained wood. I’m starting to see a lot of that. Stained cabinetry is starting to make a little come back and it’s really pretty! The tones of the stain are getting a little deeper and richer in color. 

Let’s look at more paint colors for walls, what else do you like to see?

We are still seeing a lot of white on walls but maybe a warmer white. Sherwin Williams Greek Villa or Alabaster are two great options for the main color through a home. But, if you're painting a powder room or a laundry room, options like Sherwin Williams, Urbane Bronze, is very warm, moody, rich color that’s really fun and pairs well with brass and glass fixtures which make a great combination. Even a fun blue for a powder or laundry room is amazing. There are so many options!

What types of countertops are you seeing now?

We use a lot of quartz and people love it for a few reasons. 1.) It’s man-made and not as porous as natural stone so it’s less maintenance and 2.) There are lots of options for color and look, and 3.) It can be less expensive than natural stone. The price point is pretty friendly on the pocket. You can get a really nice quartz even if you're trying to be budget-conscious. We still see a fair amount of marble being used in bathrooms but it’s easier to care for in there. I personally wouldn’t put marble in a kitchen but some people are ok with that.

What do you want people to know about your approach to design services?

What’s most important to me is the client experience. We work really hard behind the scenes to have processes in place. We invest in technology so that way as we go along in our relationship with our clients, they feel like they’re being cared for. Making sure our people have a great experience along the way is the core of our business model. 

You can see more of Bethany's creativity and find more information about Bethany Jones Interiors at


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