Elizabeth Raburn, Miss Orange 2024

Getting to know the newest Miss Orange

Q: What inspired you to participate in the Miss Orange competition and represent
your city?
A: I remember growing up in the city and always seeing Miss Orange at city events, and I
loved seeing how involved she was in the community and how respected her position
was. I decided I wanted to give back to my hometown and hopefully represent it with as
much compassion and elegance as all the previous Miss Oranges have.

Q: Can you share your vision for the city of Orange and the positive impact you hope
to make during your reign?
A: I hope to be able to attend as many city and service events as I can, and hope to build
better relationships with those who reside in this beautiful city.

Q: What specific initiatives or service projects do you have in mind to contribute to
the betterment of the community?
A: I would really love to work with the local elementary schools of Orange to try and get
them more science resources as well as more exposure to the different types of science.

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