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Invest in Gen Z

Three Ways that Workplaces and Universities Better Support this Generation

  1. Gen Z wants to know that their work matters, they do their best work when they know that it has a lasting impact. They need to understand how your organization helps others and how their job role contributes to that. This can be used to elevate your organization if you allow them the opportunity to tap into something larger than just getting a task or the job done. As a leader of your organization ask yourself, "How can this generation help us not just make incremental changes but actually leave an impact?"
  2. Gen Z is the first generation to be connected with anyone, anywhere, at all times. This affects Gen Z's values and expectations for the workplace. As the most diverse generation to date, they highly value diversity in the classroom, workplaces, and organizations desiring a genuine connection with people who are different from them.
  3. Gen Z reportedly wrestles with more anxiety and mental health issues than any other generation. Employers and universities need to be prepared to provide tools and resources to support this priority if they strive to engage and retain this generation. Gen Z is not in the business of leaving their lives and problems at the door.