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Invest In Oneself

Women Get Their Groove Back With Weight Training, Nutrition, Gut Health And Mindset

The secret to beauty is more than just skin deep, a sentiment defending the notion that the best part of us is beneath the surface; our intellect, emotional well-being and spirituality.

“I wasn't willing to throw in the towel and accept this as reality,” remarked Nashville’s Pamelyn Rocco, author, public speaker and founder of House of Health. She developed a program that enables mature women to tap into a mindset of modified behavior to help them look and feel like their best selves.

Though regularly exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, Pamelyn shares, “At 43, I started to not feel or look as good as I wanted to. What I had been doing wasn’t working anymore.”

She enjoyed a 20-year career as a celebrity party stylist, then as an interior designer under the House of Bashery. "Much of my energy was spent enhancing the lives of others," she says. 

Inundated with feedback and relatable articles on norms of aging, she says she slipped on her boxing gloves, ready to fight, and hired fitness medalist/coach Jamie Pearsen; a decision that changed her life.

Pamelyn shared her newfound knowledge and results online, divulging aspects of her life that women began resonating with immediately; from experiencing C-sections to juggling her children’s activities with a full-time job. Her circumstances became instantly relatable.

In spite of holding a communications bachelor’s degree and a business master’s degree, she pivoted and got her health and wellness certification.

Pamelyn slowly began coaching on houseofpamelyn, an Instagram account on which she previously amassed an impressive 109,000 followers. In 2023, she developed an App, then hired Jamie to teach classes on her newly launched House of Health platform. A loyal, international client base participates in the virtual program. The program also addresses the body’s gut microbiome, as the belief is that over a lifetime it can be the cause of systemic issues, such as hormonal disruption and inflammation.

Perpetual access to an education platform is available for every person who goes through the program.

Pamelyn encourages weekly accountability through personalized video tracking progress reports, as well as weekly Zoom calls.

Recently delivering a keynote speech on Investing in Yourself, Rocco reminded those in attendance that, “We’re doing and buying all these things to have a great life. Without investing in our physical health, if we don’t feel amazing, are we really living optimally?”

"I thoroughly vet everyone’s needs, lifestyles and health histories to offer a comprehensive customized experience."