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Invest In Your Health

Tips from fitness expert Laken Moore, owner of StretchLab

Taking care of your physical and mental wellness is a journey, not a checklist! Creating consistency is what will secure your investment.

1. Manage Stress- Find ways to offload and lower your stress. Mentally for me this looks like getting up before my family on the weekdays so I can meditate or spend 10 mins in solitude. Physically for me this means assisted stretching 1x a week. Find what works for you, today we have so many physical wellness modalities in Huntsville. (Examples: Acupuncture, redlight therapy, salt therapy, sound therapy)

2. Physical fitness routine - Find your tribe or trainer. Accountability is key in staying engaged and committed to a physical fitness routine. It is something most of us love to hate but feel amazing when we have this as a nonnegotiable in our daily/weekly routine. 

3. Active Recovery - Keeping our bodies moving at a low intensity improves so much of our quality of life. Stretching and flexibility improve circulation by increasing blood flow into the muscles and removing the waste and toxins on a cellular level. Benefits from assisted stretching are pain management, increased range of motion, injury prevention, better physical performance, and overall a sustained better quality of life.

4. Getting enough sleep - Find a way to keep your circadian rhythm stable. Our bodies crave repetition to restore and rejuvenate. 

5. Drink water - Starting the day with water and ending the day with water is important, 2-3 Liters of water a day. I like to add a small amount of sea salt to my water to increase electrolytes and absorption, and I always start each morning with warm lemon water with a dash of cinnamon and honey. This is not just to aid in my gut health and digestive system, but also to prepare my body for the day. 

6. Fuel your body - Sourcing food that is clean and rich in nutrients is a big part of investing in our health and vital in today's fast society. We are not always able to slow down during busy days, but we can create habits that have lasting impacts on our physical bodies, starting with knowing what we are eating and where it comes from. Spending the extra time to learn about food creates a foundation for overall health.