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Personal training is a different type of workout. In addition to gym sessions, hiring a trainer will also get you so much more.

Article by Caroline Heiberg

Photography by Jessi Edison

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

For over 25 years, Specialized Fitness has been assisting individuals in Boerne and San Antonio to get fit and feel their best. This family-owned business features ten trainers dedicated to helping each person achieve their fitness goals. However, their services go beyond mere encouragement during workouts. Co-owner and trainer Rachel Trub explains why personal training is an investment in oneself that can contribute to wellness in all aspects of your life.

What do you love most about your work?
The connections I form with my clients. I see some clients between one and five times a week for a full hour, so they become like family, and I really get invested in the person. I enjoy relationships and working with people, but there is no greater feeling than helping someone build confidence. 

What are some benefits of having a personal trainer besides working out?
Personal training is so much more than a workout. You’re getting a health coach, an accountability partner, a motivational guide, and someone who will discuss nutrition, supplements, and adapting workouts around injuries. We genuinely care about every person who walks through our door and want to help them reach their health and fitness goals. 

What is the process like at Specialized Fitness?
I begin with a phone interview to determine their health and fitness goals. We always offer the first session free so individuals can see the gym, meet their trainer, and get a feel for what workouts will be like. Following the complimentary session, they can schedule more sessions without obligation or contracts. Mega-gyms frequently offer large packages of 50 sessions but lack long-term trainers who may move away halfway through the sessions. At Specialized Fitness, our dedicated trainers are passionate about training as a career, not a hobby. The workouts and results speak for themselves—even without contractual commitments, most of our clients are life-long. 

Why invest in a personal trainer?
Accountability: Having someone to hold you accountable ensures that you show up for your appointments. When people work out with us, they’re not taking phone calls or getting as distracted as they might at home. 
Efficiency: We personalize our workouts to your goals, body, and any injuries you may have, maximizing the effectiveness of each sixty-minute session.
Motivation: Without earphones in, we’re talking, it’s fun, and it helps with safety to have a trainer watching your form.

specializedfit.com | 830-755-4838 | 31007 IH-10 W.

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