Invest in Yourself

From yoga classes to college classes and life coaches, experts are here to help you reach your goals.

Before he became a fixture at conferences and a staple on finance-focused TV networks, Warren Buffett shelled out $100 to take a public speaking course to help get over his fear of talking in front of a crowd. It’s a decision that he said changed his life.

"Generally speaking, investing in yourself is the best thing you can do," the billionaire famously told Good Morning America. "Anything that improves your own talents. Nobody can take it away from you."

There is so much room for everyone to grow, and it doesn't always have to be about solving a problem, per se. Maybe you just have a natural curiosity and want to broaden your knowledge base. There are so many options available, right here in Long Branch, that can help anyone achieve the goal that they're seeking to meet and invest in their most valuable asset – themselves.


For many people, the thought of going back to school can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Brookdale Community College offers a lifelong learning program that allows students to get a taste, sometimes literally, of what the school has to offer in its non-credit division.

"Lifelong learning is about personal enrichment and deepening community ties," Susan Pagano, the executive director of continuing and professional studies at Brookdale, said.

Whether you want to learn how to roll sushi or go on a nostalgic ride from the "Forgotten Amusement Parks of New Jersey," they have options that appeal to almost anyone.

"A lot of the programs that we run, the students are really coming for the sense of community. They're making friends in the classes," Pagano said. "It really builds that sense of belonging."

On top of that, it's affordable and flexible. A lot of the sessions are singular events or lectures, with a handful that might run over the course of a few weeks. That amusement parks course, for example, is only $45.


Maybe, instead of stimulating your mind by taking a lecture series, what you need is to quiet some of the internal noise. Lisa Matthews understands that.

"Yoga helps soothe the mind and lower stress levels," the owner of Monmouth Beach Yoga said.

The benefits of yoga are widely known at this point, but what Matthews offers at her studio is an environment that allows clients to free themselves from the tension that they are dealing with.

"When people come in, I always ask 'What do you want to achieve?' because I think they should set small goals. If you get overwhelmed, some people will stop. You can increase the likelihood of success by achieving small goals."

One of the calling cards for Matthews' studio is the culture within its walls. She calls it "Yoga for every-body." Matthews has clients of all ages, and with varying health conditions; from MS to cancer to Lyme disease. But once people are inside, everyone is an equal and on their own journey. 

"The instructors want to keep everyone safe; that's what it's about," she said. "When you're in our studio, the lights are dim. We don't want people looking at the person next to them. They should be focusing on themselves." 


Everyone has struggled through moments of feeling overwhelmed. It's an emotionally challenging spot to be in, and a reminder that we can't do it alone. Kim Constantineau is available to walk you through those times. 

"I teach people to think differently. That's like my sweet spot," Constantineau, a certified life-coach said. "Our job as people is to communicate. Make people feel loved and valued. And if they can see that, they can pass that onward."

Constantineau leaned into the life-coach space when traditional therapy didn't yield the results she was searching for while navigating her own personal trauma, and she came away with a whole new outlook.

"I took a course and I thought, 'Man, this is so different. What is this? Self-love and self-care?' I had never heard of so much of this before."

It worked in such a profound way that she wanted to give other people the same license to take control of their lives. She started her business, Coach Kimmy, and works with clients of all ages who are ready to take ownership of their lives.

"Think of a football coach. The players already have the gifts," Constantineau said. "The coach just has to bring it out of them.”

"Generally speaking, investing in yourself is the best thing you can do."

"It really builds that sense of belonging."

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