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We’re seeing astounding results with Soft Wave, an incredible, non-invasive technology that rejuvenates and heals the body.  Sound waves penetrate the soft tissue and allow natural stem cells to heal an injury.  It can also be used to reduce fine lines/wrinkles, stubborn belly fat and cellulite.  It's perfect for athletes or anyone who wants to look and feel better.


Dental health begins with kids and families and teaching them healthy habits.  We take a holistic approach and screen for not just tooth and gum health, but also sleep apnea, acid reflux and the root causes of many issues.  A healthy mouth leads to a healthy person.  We focus on education, comfort and convenience.


Did you know that HVAC can make the air you breathe healthier?  Our Advanced Indoor Air Quality system uses UV light, ozone and an electrostatic filter to kill mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens and even pet/food odors.  The system is ideal for people with asthma or anyone who just wants to breathe better.


In the financial world, failing to plan is planning to fail – even a small amount of planning can create a substantial reward.  Focused planning can remove risk and that’s where I come in.  With 34 years as an advisor under my belt, I help clients protect their bottom line by understanding and reducing their risk.


With the ability to lend in 49 states and with 140+ banks, we have very competitive rates and loan programs to assist with investing in real estate.  Our investment loan options can qualify borrowers with only bank statements, 1099/P&L only and additional options to qualify with only rental income.


Your home is usually your largest investment and having key data is crucial.  I send my clients a personalized monthly report of their home’s value, appreciation, equity, breakdown of principal and interest paid, estimated rental and Airbnb potential and other helpful data points.  To get your home’s report, please visit my private portal at

  • Matthew Lords - Lords Mortgage at Barrett Financial Group.
  • Jason Lund - Lund Financial Management.
  • Dr. Valerie Scola, D.D.S.
  • The Investment Experts, L-R:  Jason Lund, Matthew Lords, Kim Wilder, Michael Brady, Dr. Valerie Scola and Dean Dexter.
  • Dean Dexter - ProFit Therapy.
  • Michael Brady - Lucky Air.
  • Kim Wilder - Realtor.