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Investing in Education

Nurturing tomorrow's leaders with Capstone Christian Academy

An investment in your child’s education could be the most important decision you can make for their future.

Just around the corner is a premier education option for your child - Capstone Christian Academy. Under the leadership of Principal Brandon Jones, the independent Christian private school located in Southeast Las Vegas incorporates a preschool and elementary school that is currently enrolling through 5th grade and has a master plan to build a campus that will serve all students through twelfth grade. The school offers a unique blend of academic excellence, character development, and a commitment to Christian values that sets it apart.

"My journey has been deeply rooted in sports, specifically football, to which I dedicated 15 years of my life. Over the past decade, I've committed myself to working with elementary-aged students,” said Brandon Jones, Principal at Capstone Christian Academy. “My transition to a private Christian high school marked a significant shift, and since then, my mission has been to impact the younger generation with a positive influence."

Embracing a background that melds extensive sports involvement with a passion for elementary education, Jones sees his relative youth in the field as a significant asset, providing fertile ground for innovation. He believes in introducing fresh ideas to the educational approach, emphasizing the potential for innovation in the entire education system. And he believes that investing in your child's education is an investment in the future. 

"Education stands as a cornerstone for the upcoming generation, a crucial investment that directly shapes our future. The individuals we nurture today are the architects of tomorrow's decisions,” said Jones.

Choosing a Christ-centered education is also an investment in nurturing individuals shaped to impact the world in their own way. Beyond academic excellence, Capstone Christian Academy is committed to cultivating future leaders who understand the essence of service. 

"We recognize that the culmination of 12 years of education should yield more than just elevated test scores; it should result in the shaping of individuals who embody a holistic approach to education,” said Jones.

The school stands out due to its distinctive educational offerings and diverse range of programs. Its focus is dedicated to an intensive exploration of core curriculum subjects, integrating scripture and biblical history seamlessly into each facet of learning.

Currently, Capstone Christian Academy is undergoing a $100 million campus expansion. Jones details the four-phase master plan.

“In the initial phase, we embark on the construction of a four-story central block comprising administration facilities and classrooms. This dedicated space will cater to the needs of pre-kindergarten through elementary students, ensuring a conducive learning environment,” said Jones. “Phases II and III will witness further expansion, introducing additional classrooms to the main building. This expansion is strategically designed to accommodate up to 1,000 students and pave the way for the establishment of our Junior High and High School divisions.”

Phase IV will include key facilities that are essential to a comprehensive educational experience, such as a cafeteria, a multipurpose space, a performing arts complex, and a conservatory.

Anticipated for August 2025, the unveiling of the $100 million campus coincides with the introduction of a tailored middle school program, providing a seamless transition for current 5th graders. 

"Looking forward, our vision extends approximately two years beyond the initial opening. By this time, we plan to launch the High School division, a culmination of meticulous planning and dedicated efforts,” said Jones. “The envisioned campus will not only host top-tier educational facilities but also will be home to premier sports programs and a flourishing arts scene. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to offering students a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.”

"We take pride in offering a diverse range of special elective classes."

"We aim to provide a well-rounded educational experience."

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