It Takes A Pet Village

A One-Stop Shop for Your Pets

When Sara Peeples and Dr. Julie Anderson decided to join forces to open The Pet Village last October, it just made sense. 

Sara has been the executive director of the Middle TN Boxer Rescue for about seven years, and she met Dr. Anderson through the rescue when Dr. Anderson was their go-to Veterinarian.  Dr. Anderson graduated from UT and has experience with emergency veterinary medicine, managing a practice, and working with rescue animals.  When the idea arose to open up the Pet Village will all levels of care, they both couldn't imagine doing it without one another.  

Sara and Julie share similar views on animal care, and they have many years of experience, a passion for pets, and a high standard of care. 

They knew that opening a business of this magnitude would be quite an undertaking, because this facility houses a full-service Doggy Daycare, premium boarding facility and full veterinary hospital. But, they say it has been worth every bit of effort. 

“It has been so rewarding to get to know our clients and build relationships this last year,” says Sara. "Our mission is that your pets are our families, and we want to treat them this way.”

Benefits of doggy daycare/boarding with Pet Village:

  1. Their staff genuinely LOVES your pets. They know their behaviors and mannerisms, and they become family to them. Trust us, our furry friends go there, too!
  2. Full veterinary hospital on-site. Anything needed during your stay can be addressed on-site.
  3. SOCIALIZATION! Their trained staff will place your dog in appropriate groups based on their size and energy.
  4. During break/lunch, your dog will have a personal run to nap, have lunch, rest, so they do not over exert themselves.
  5. Tired pups are happy pups. Pups that have regular group play will sleep, eat and be able to focus on training with their humans more easily. 

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