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It Takes a Village

This company wants to change how we do modern motherhood—beginning with asking for help.

When you see your child struggling, what do you encourage him or her to do? Ask for help. When you’re struggling yourself as a mother, what do you do? Pretend like everything is okay?

Emily Watson, founder of the new online platform MyNestwell, believes that as women, we need to start telling ourselves the same things we tell our children.

A few years into trying to start her own family, Emily realized that she couldn’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. She admits, “I grew up in a family of ambitious, independent women. I learned that you pushed through when things got tough.” But when she hit rock bottom emotionally, mentally, and physically during fertility treatment, she figured she had nothing to lose. She cobbled together her own village of maternal wellness providers along with her reproductive endocrinologist—an acupuncturist, therapist, and health coach—many of whom continued to support her throughout pregnancy and postpartum. But she gained more than just extra strength in asking for help. “I discovered that there is a treasure trove of truly remarkable care providers ready to serve other women, to lift them higher in so many unique and beautiful ways,” Emily says. The hard part, however, was finding them.

By congregating previously siloed maternal wellness experts and services under one online platform, Emily is reimagining the proverbial village. MyNestwell aims to ease the overwhelm of motherhood, inspire confidence, and build healthier families through educational resources, a robust provider directory, and community events.

Women going through motherhood have very unique needs, from trying to conceive, dealing with postpartum pelvic floor weakness, managing the mental load, and transitioning back into a career after baby. MyNestwell connects them to professionals locally and virtually who can guide them through these stages.

By breaking down some of the barriers to getting support, Emily hopes to normalize asking for help. “Now that I have my daughter, I want to set a good example for her that you can achieve great things—with a village behind you.”

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Acupuncturist: An expert in ancient Chinese medicine, they can restore balance to your body through the use of needles and herbs, to resolve hormonal imbalances and relieve stress and fatigue

Local favorites: Michelle Clifford, LAc + Deb Ross MS, LAc

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist: They can help address issues surrounding your pelvic floor, rebuilding strength and tone and promoting healing after childbirth.

Local favorites: Amie Ashley Hogan PT, MSPT + Kat Castro, PT, DPT

Career Coach: Becoming a parent hugely changes your priorities, so they can help you reconcile your personal and professional goals and help you find yourself again.

Local favorites: Chirstine Walker

Mental Health Specialist: Therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists are a wonderful way to help you nurture your mental, emotional, and relationship help with an objective opinion.