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The Pascack Valley Lifestyle Launch Party

Pascack Valley City Lifestyle recently threw an official launch party, inviting both old and new friends to a celebration on March 29 at The Gathering in River Vale.

The magazine, which specializes in a hyper-local, community focus, hit the scene last July and has continued to gain momentum throughout the Pascack Valley area over the past year. With twelve issues now under our belt and looking forward to our first anniversary this summer, the event celebrated and honored all of the supporters and sponsors of the publication, along with the fantastic businesses we've gotten to meet, interview, and write stories about. This editor had the opportunity to interview the publisher, Anthony Rizzo.

Why is it important to celebrate a launch party for Pascack Valley magazine?

It was important for me to host a launch party for this magazine because so many incredible people have helped me get to this point. I wanted to celebrate them and all they have done for me. I also feel it is important to network in business, so this was another opportunity to give back to my partners and give them a chance to meet other businesses in the area.

Who were the key people who helped you make the significant step into publishing a magazine?
My founding partners who believed in me and the magazine before we printed our first issue in July 2022. I would like to especially thank my fiancé, Lucille, for all her help along the way. I also want to thank my cousin, Tiffany, and her husband, Jake Slowinski, who presented this opportunity and have continued to mentor me.

What's special about doing business in the Pascack Valley community?
What I enjoy most about doing business in this area is that local businesses genuinely want to help and see each other succeed. Even though the Pascack Valley comprises nine towns, residents in the area use these towns interchangeably. It is great to do business in the community where I grew up and live in now.

Dr. Sakina Dinani of Synergy Health Advisors in Montvale was a guest at the event. "As a business owner, the best part of the Pascack Valley community is the strong sense of community and supportive business environment. We all share the goal of continuing to build the area into a thriving community. As a physician, opportunities to network with like-minded business owners allow me to build long-lasting relationships with other local professionals and residents and create a stronger, more vibrant local economy in which the entire community can flourish together."

Liz and Dan Mueller, owners of AEDE Dance Studio in Park Ridge also attended, noting the importance of advertising locally. Liz said, "We think it is important to advertise with a hyper-local publisher because it helps connect local businesses to their community as well as each other. Most of our clients are from the Pascack Valley region, so having a local magazine supporting this area is a good place to focus where we spend our advertising money."

What's next for Pascack Valley City Lifestyle?

The future will look a lot like the present. My goal was always to start this magazine to support local businesses and tell the stories of many great people in the Pascack Valley. While the magazine grows, I will strive to keep the vision the same.

  • Publisher Anthony Rizzo and Social Media Coordinator Lucille Scharback
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Food By B&M Meat Market
  • Delicious favors by Treat Me Sweet Cookies in Ridgewood and Crave Chocolate in Old Tappan
  • Nick Donato, Liz Mueller, Dan Mueller
  • Philip Rutigliano, Danny Rosenthal, Anthony Siciliano
  • Stephanie Gaglioti, Pamela Brogan, Amanda Lorenz
  • Liz Mueller, Kate Carballo, Lucille Scharback
  • Nick Donato and Anthony Rizzo
  • Anthony Rizzo and Dr. Fung
  • Andrew Gangi and Anthony Rizzo
  • Anthony Rizzo and Dr. Dinani
  • Ray Sweeney, Anthony Rizzo. Noah Adler
  • Anthony Rizzo and Georges Halwagy