It's All About Community

Volunteering brings joy to both the giver and the receiver

Studies suggest that people who volunteer through community service and selflessly supporting the needs of others are the happiest and most content - mind, body and soul.  Giving back reduces the effects of anger, stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing connection, self-esteem, and sense of purpose.  And if that is the impact on the giver, imagine the effect on the care receiver.  Even one visit, one program or workshop, or one interaction can change the course of a person's life for the better.   Whether relating to the struggles of identity and fitting in, overcoming personal hardships, or witnessing the strife of others, these volunteers understand the significance of serving another person in need.   These groups' missions can inspire us all to get involved.  The rewards are endless.

Pioneer Men't Alliance

The Pioneer Men’s Alliance supports Pioneer Center for Human Services and spreads its mission to help improve the lives of individuals challenged by developmental disabilities, behavioral health issues and homelessness.  This support consists of creating fundraising events and opportunities, volunteering for a variety of programs, and providing needed materials or improvements to Pioneer Center properties. This vibrant group also volunteers for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry and other organizations with a need for support.

Donna Lowe

Donna Lowe, owner of Donna Lowe Salon, is committed to the empowerment and enrichment of community members.  She has created a safe place for area youth to celebrate their cultural uniqueness and cultivate inner beauty. Her bi-monthly Girls Empowerment Workshops, available for girls and young women in middle school through college, offer participants an opportunity for mentorship and open discussions on topics including self-image, bullying, education, and social media. 

Not-For-Profit Resources

This one-stop source for volunteer opportunities connects people with non-profit organizations needing support to carry out their missions and support community members.  Not-For-Profit Resources (a 501(c)3 charitable foundation itself) exists to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations by directly connecting individuals, groups and businesses with nonprofits to increase their impact through meaningful service.  Collaboration and relationship-building are at the core of this invaluable resource. From front desk work to food delivery to working with animals or helping with events, NFPR connects you with the organization that pulls at your heartstrings.

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