It's Crunch Time in Hendersonville

Local Gym Owner Shares His Personal Fitness Journey

Every December, many people choose to commit themselves to resolutions that they wish to achieve in the coming new year. The subjects of the resolutions are quite diverse, touching on such things as careers, finances, education and family.

However, year after year, the most popular resolutions involve setting and attaining personal health and fitness goals. Whether it is losing weight or training to run a marathon, many people see the onset of the new year as an opportunity to jumpstart their wellness journeys.

While setting personal wellness goals is easy, achieving them is quite a different matter.

Some people have the internal drive and commitment to strive toward their goals on their own. Others prefer the comradery and implicit peer pressure found by working out in group fitness settings, such as traditional and boutique gyms.

For those who prefer group workouts, choosing which gym or exercise facility to join becomes the critical question. There are many factors to be considered, including workout options, facility hours, classes, personal training and, of course, costs. Determining the right fit for each person can often be a daunting task.

Fortunately, for folks living in the Hendersonville area, there is a new gym that offers a wide array of workout options in a clean, modern facility, all at a low monthly, no-contract membership rate – Crunch Fitness.

Located in the Glenbrook Shopping Center, Crunch Fitness must truly be seen to be believed. Opened in April 2021 by owner Chris Cavolo and his business partner Trey Moser, Crunch has quickly become the go-to place for all things wellness in Hendersonville.

“Crunch Fitness has been around for 30 years and has always had an affordable, no-intimidation brand,” says Chris. “Crunch has great corporate leadership who realizes that fitness trends change, and that people want variety and fun fitness options available to them.”

As part of a franchise with more than 225 locations across the United States and the world, Crunch Fitness Hendersonville is committed to helping all its members achieve their fitness goals in a comfortable, inviting environment.

“Over the years, Crunch has developed a great model that includes traditional gym features with lots of weights and cardio machines, along with a variety of boutique offerings, all under one roof,” says Chris. “We offer a full-featured ride studio and a huge variety of exercise classes, including Zumba, body pump, pound, yoga and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Owning and operating a gym is not just a business proposition for Chris – it is in his blood.

“As an athlete growing up, I was introduced to working out at a young age to enhance my performance,” says Chris. “While playing lacrosse at Cornell University, I developed the discipline of working out on a regular basis as a way of life.”

After college, Chris decided that he wanted to go into the health and fitness business. However, he was not comfortable with what he saw in most gym models.

“I never liked the traditional gym industry because it was built around high-pressure sales, expensive long-term contracts and unfriendly, intimidating club atmospheres,” says Chris.   “However, when the Crunch concept hit the market offering a low-cost, no-contract, customer service-oriented fitness experience, I knew that I had found my calling. I realized that these gyms could change lives for the better, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Shortly before opening Crunch Fitness last spring, Chris received a serious cancer diagnosis that nearly derailed his plans. Fortunately, he was able to successfully fight his way through his health crisis, thanks in large part to his lifelong commitment to staying in shape.

“After working out diligently over the past 40 years, I had kept myself in good shape and was in tune with my body, so I knew early on that something wasn’t right,” says Chris. “I immediately sought medical care at Vanderbilt, and I underwent an intense and painful set of surgical procedures. Thankfully, due to my overall state of fitness, I was able to survive and recover quickly. I have a wife and two boys that I dearly love – I could not let them down.”

Now healthy, Chris brings the same determination that he used to beat cancer to helping his clients achieve their personal goals, regardless of where they are on their fitness journeys.

“At Crunch, we have a ‘no judgement’ philosophy – we want our members to come as they are,” says Chris. “We focus on positivity, inclusivity and fun!”

Crunch Fitness – Hendersonville

Glenbrook Center

1006 Andrews Run,

Hendersonville, TN 37075



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