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Healing Naturally with Lea Hodges of Green Dr CBD

Lea Hodges’ goal is to help people heal naturally. Lea, one of the owners of Green Dr CBD on Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake, was inspired to start the business by “a desire to shift people away from their medicine cabinets.” CBD, or cannabidiol, is a substance derived from hemp plants that many believe offers numerous health benefits.

Along with her husband Paul, Lea saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of CBD to the local community, and the pair opened Green Dr CBD in 2021. In the shop, Lea and Paul offer a number of products containing non-GMO, 100% organic CBD sourced directly from premium full-spectrum hemp.

According to Lea, CBD is best known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. “This makes CBD very helpful in alleviating stubborn pains that aren’t always remedied by over-the-counter NSAIDS or even prescription medications,” says Lea. In addition to its pain-reducing properties, she continues, “CBD is also suggested to reduce anxiety and stress. This in turn promotes healthy sleep that can leave you feeling energized and refreshed.”

At Green Dr CBD, says Lea, “we offer a variety of gummies and tinctures that target specific concerns such as low energy levels, poor mood, insomnia, and chronic pain.” The Trifecta Gummy is one of Green Dr’s best-selling edibles. “It uses a blend of cannabinoids to promote pain relief,” notes Lea. For those who prefer a topical option, Dr Green CBD carries “carefully crafted topicals”, such as their Xtremex 4000mg CBD Rub, which “works to deliver fast-acting pain relief,” says Lea.

When trying CBD for the first time, Lea offers some advice. “If we could give a word of advice to novices,” she says, “it would be that we all process CBD differently.” Since the strength, formula, and method of consumption can affect the result, Lea continues, “we encourage our customers to experiment with their CBD, and we offer custom-made products to suit your individual needs.”

Humans aren’t Green Dr’s only customers. Green Dr CBD also carries a range of full-spectrum CBD products for pets, including treats, tinctures, and balms. CBD may help anxious pets feel calmer, especially in stressful situations such as long car rides or during fireworks. In addition to products for dogs, Green Dr also carries a tincture for cats that can also ease chronic pain and reduce inflammation. For curious pet parents, the CBD Pet Kit may be a good place to start.

Speaking of pets, Lea and Paul are the proud pet parents of two energetic pups, Elvis and Prince, who both enjoy Green Dr CBD Dog Treats after “a long day of fetch on the lake.”

Rounding out the family, who are longtime residents of West Bloomfield, are their Babi (Grandmother) Julia and their daughter Lenka. In their free time, Lea and Paul enjoy spending time with their family. “We love going on adventures, near and far,” says Lea. “We love good music, watching the sunset, and making moments to remember. We’ll always have the best soundtrack to go with the memories!”

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