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Local Attorney Drives GEST Carts—Green, Easy, Safe, Transportation—Into Scottsdale

The past several months have been among the busiest times in the history of Scottsdale, especially for resident Jason Pritchett.

As an active Thunderbird, Pritchett and his fellow members hosted the WM Phoenix Open—the largest zero-waste sporting event in the world—in February at the TPC Scottsdale. While care is taken to ensure the event doesn’t impact the environment, equally as much care is taken to ensure it impacts the community. Its success ensures that millions of dollars are available to fund local literacy programs and domestic violence shelters; provide school clothes for low-income families; and even furnish safe places to live for recently homeless, veterans in need, and youth aging out of the foster care system.

Beyond this, Pritchett continues to lead Radix Law Firm, which is the first multi-lawyer traditional law firm in Arizona to be approved as an Alternative Business Structure in the U.S., as its president.

Somehow, and on top of all he already had on his plate, Pritchett also ushered in a new era of sustainable transportation in Arizona with the launch of GEST Carts.  

“GEST Carts, which stands for Green, Easy, Safe Transportation, are 100% electric carts that operate similar to car transportation services like Uber or Lyft, but at a local and locally owned micro level,” says Pritchett.

To use the free transportation alternative, Scottsdale riders simply need to “call” a cart through the mobile app—downloadable through the Apple Store and Google Play Store—which tracks driver locations and estimated arrival times. The vehicles are able to drive on main roads, keeping with the flow of traffic, but in a much more sustainable and enjoyable way than traditional transportation. 

“I learned of the business model thanks to my brother—and now business partner—Japheth, who saw the brand explode on the scene in other markets,” says Pritchett. “Since 2018 alone, GEST Carts debuted across Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Denver, and Las Vegas. Given our thriving nightlife and event schedule, together we knew Scottsdale was ready for something like this, too.”

When researching the business, beyond the obvious environmental benefits, the Pritchett brothers loved that though open-air, each GEST Cart offers seat belts, air conditioning, and even heat for guests, something lacking as it relates to alternative transportation in South Scottsdale’s popular Entertainment District.

“We also love that all riders are free thanks to partnerships with businesses and events who advertise on the GEST Carts,” says Pritchett. 

There are currently six GEST Carts in operation, each able to travel up to 35 miles per hour. They are able to transport riders between Miller to the east, Goldwater to the west, Chapparal to the north, and Osborn to the south, and there are plans to expand before year’s end. GEST Carts are also actively working to provide transportation support during large-scale events after successfully doing so during the WM Phoenix Open, the events leading up to the Super Bowl, and Cactus League Spring Training.

“Given our current coverage area, and our focus on events, we think GEST Carts can also lower the incidence of drunk driving,” says Pritchett.