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Tiny Home Builder Stays Focused and Transparent

Incredible Tiny Homes founder Randy Jones is focused on building a community. He’s also focused on keeping costs down, staying true to his mission, and updating everyone about his progress on YouTube.

But that’s what you do when you vow to be transparent.

Randy didn’t set out to be a tiny home builder. In fact, after leaving his Knox County teaching job, he went into contracting and eventually built a resort in Pigeon Forge. Things were looking up, that is, until the financial crash of 2008 sent him out of business. Randy went from building a dream property to swinging hammers alongside younger men who were just getting their start. 

Then, a friend asked him a question that would plant a seed for a new dream: Have you ever seen these tiny homes? 

“I took some salvaged wood that I’d gotten from cleaning off a lot and built a tiny home. I listed it for $20,000,” he says. “No one was selling them for that price. I sold the first one four years ago. It was Memorial Day and we took ten orders that weekend.” 

Randy gathered a crew and settled in Newport. He’s never borrowed money, never taken out a line of credit. He uses the money from buyers to build their tiny homes and, subsequently, build the company. 

Everything he’s done - right or wrong, he says - goes on the YouTube Channel (Incredible Tiny Homes). 

“I’m as transparent as I can get it. If I show you everything, you’re going to trust me. Our transparency and price point is unheard of,” says Randy. “We’re selling houses less than when I started. The base price is $15,000. The tiny house industry has increased in price, but I want to keep this tiny home trend alive. The freedom to leave when you want to and do what you want to? Financially, it’s a no-brainer.” 

Last year, Randy threw out an idea to his viewers. He bought 34 acres, stood in the middle of the woods and asked, “I can put 30 lots out here. What do you think?” Within the month, he had 30 people submitting a deposit. Off they went to clear the land and create additional space for more tiny homes. The project has been underway for months. 

“It’s called The Forest,” he says. “We hope to have people move to Newport and live financially free. People can live here or use them as AirBNBs. I’m excited to have a community here.” 

Randy says the entire process has been a challenge, and not one free of mistakes. However, the team grows as the tiny home trend continues. Randy keeps re-investing in the business and keeping everything above board and online. 

“Everything is done here. Nothing is subbed out. We put a personal touch into everything we do. We don’t want to be a manufacturer,” he says. “I feel a responsibility when I’m on YouTube. When I lost everything in 2008, it wasn’t about the money. It was that I didn’t have anything to do. I lost a vision. That’s why this is so important to me. It gets me out of bed every morning.” 

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