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Pure Dermal Care

Article by Allison Bankston

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Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

For fourteen years, Lynette Kotsay Beard has been focused on keeping her clients strong through skin, body, and esthetics care. Her business, Pure Dermal Care provides a wide range of advanced skincare treatments such as chemical peels, waxing, microchanneling, brow care, detoxing ionic footbaths, and much more. 

The office takes up the lower part of the home where Lynette lives with her husband, and she loves that very intimate approach. “It's kind of a throwback to the old cottage industry,” she explains. “I think people really enjoy that the space is professional with advanced clinical equipment, but it also feels restorative and personal.”

Lynette says she especially loves doing the services which help people improve their skin and feel more confident. “It's a process that brings people a lot of joy.” Pure Dermal's approach is focused on restoring the outer part of the body, but it also allows the client to rest and enjoy some time being pampered. “Our clients feel the warmth on their bodies and faces, and they experience refreshment to their skin, as well as deep cleaning, all while helping to reverse the signs of aging.”  

One popular service is Pure Dermal Care’s Seasonal Facial. Each month features a different kind of facial which incorporates fresh ingredients in combination for exemplary results. For instance, December's facial was elderberry-based. In November, the Seasonal Facial recipe included apple and honey. Each of the treatments are developed by an esthetician, and each facial includes exfoliating and hydrating elements. “They are healing treatments,” says Lynette. “The Seasonal Facial takes just over an hour, and our clients who come in every month get bonus add-ons such as an LED light treatment or a lip treatment…something complimentary for being regular customers.”  

Another popular service is microchanneling–a form of microneedling. The esthetician uses a machine to stamp the skin, using a quarter-sized head with 24 microfilaments that penetrate the skin and create tiny channels where healing is induced. Often the treatment involves the whole face and neck, but microchanneling can be done on any skin area such as the chest, knees, or legs.

Microchanneling can help any area in which the skin looks saggy or discolored, and Lynette recommends 4-12 treatments to see the best results. The sessions include using a serum with cytokines, and LED light therapy is used at the end. The light promotes healing and is especially helpful in recovering from sports injuries. “We’ve also seen great results on acne scars and fine lines,” says Lynette. “We’re harnessing the body’s ability to heal through this process. This is where our industry is going–treatments that don’t cause damage as a means to promote healing.  They just foster healthier skin.” 

The Pure Dermal Care Face Reality Acne Program is life-altering treatment for many clients. It’s an acne clearing program that uses peels and enzyme treatments to reduce inflammation and promote healing. “We also work with clients on their diets, habits, and other choices that can affect acne,” says Lynette. “We coach them on how to better care for their skin and reinforce what we’re doing in the treatments.” All ages can benefit from the program. Lynette says she’s met people who have battled acne their entire lives, and it can feel a bit hopeless. To them, Lynette says the Face Reality Acne Program is a game changer. “People tend to talk about their skin almost like it's impossible to improve or some sort of personal failure if it's not in optimal condition. We need to let go of that and realize there are so many amazing options to improve our skin. I get a lot of joy from helping people conquer their skin challenges and gain more confidence.” 

Three estheticians and two part time staff work with Lynette at the office on West 86th Drive in Arvada. Lynette and her staff enhance their relationships with clients by checking in with them after their appointments. “We want to build strong ties in our community, and we truly care about our clients.”  

Some people call Pure Dermal Care a hidden gem, but Lynette emphasizes, “We don’t want it to be hidden. We want people to know we can help. Everyone can have good skin, and it’s never too early or too late to take steps to care for your skin.” Check out Pure Dermal Care’s full list of services at puredermalcare.com or call 303-601-3456.    

 “I have had deep acne scars for years that have made me feel ugly, and I hated looking in mirrors...after just one treatment there was a noticeable improvement. After 5 treatments, the scars are barely noticeable! I now have people compliment me in my skin and I love looking in the mirror now!" --Catherine S., Client Testimonial

“It's a process that brings people a lot of joy. Our clients feel the warmth on their bodies and faces, and they experience refreshment to their skin, as well as deep cleaning, all while helping to reverse the signs of aging.” -- Lynette Kotsay Beard, Owner of Pure Dermal Care in Arvada

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