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Article by Nina Baldacci Sloan

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

November is here! Bring on football, turkey, and an extra helping of gratitude. 

Each year as November rolls around we are prompted to remember all the things for which we are grateful. While gratitude is most often portrayed as an outward expression, it is equally important to focus on self-gratitude and the practice of self-care. But do we?

One unique offering that bridges efficient with effective is IV Infusion Therapy, an intravenous drip that delivers a high concentration of vitamins directly into the bloodstream. People who find themselves under the weather, drained, stressed, or fatigued can spend a quick 30 minutes loading their body with all of the positivity it needs. 

Feel a cold coming on? An immunity infusion will give your system a boost, helping protect you from infection, reduce the duration of your illness, and speed up your recovery time.

Struggling with jet lag? Sit back in an easy chair as your body rehydrates, your system detoxes, and your body resets from the fatigue. 

Want to kick that hangover you didn’t see coming? A vitamin-packed infusion “cocktail” will rehydrate your system and restore your energy.

Not so crazy about needles but want the results? A highly trained team of RNs will make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. Many people even choose to go with a friend! You’ll be seated in a comfy chair, and you are encouraged to bring something to read or watch during your session.

Interested in giving this a try? The team at Urban Squeeze Med Spa, Wellness, & Chiropractic is located near Highway 7 & Sheridan in Vista Ridge. In our culture where people are constantly plugged-in, leaving little time for their own wellness, the Urban Squeeze team creates a space where clients can easily access a blend of healing, beauty, and overall mind and body wellness in a way that matches their schedule and their budget.

“We started offering IV therapy because more and more people were asking for it,” said Rachel Smolinski, owner of Urban Squeeze. “The benefits are numerous! Not only is it a great immunity booster for the holidays, but it can even help with brain fog, and bring relief for PMS symptoms.”

IV therapy can even help ease pain and inflammation from severe injuries. From a recent client; “I felt so good after the IV treatment I received! I have various issues from a leg amputation, but I am fully hydrated and all my inflammation and muscle fatigue is gone. I feel rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead of me!”

Want to start feeling better today? No problem! Same-day appointments are available, and walk-ins are welcome. Come through the door and you will be treated like family as a personalized and realistic wellness experience is created. Simple. Easy. Time-sensitive. The perfect formula for self-care for someone on the go.

It is well known that you cannot pour from an empty cup. In this season of gratitude, make sure to take a little time to offer some to yourself.

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