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Jalen Henderson

Entrepreneur and Gagnant Media Intern

Jalen Henderson is the owner of Sol1d Clothing and a fourth-year Business Administration student at Florida A&M. He was born in New York and reared in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and is an intern with SOFU Lifestyle and Gagnant Media . He's been able to use my real-life experience and knowledge to be innovative and resourceful because he comes from two incredibly influential locations. He launched his clothes line in 2020 during covid since fashion has always interested him and it allowed him to freely express himself. He honed his skills in Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Personal Selling, and Public Affairs. Every day at SOFU and Gagnant Media , he has the opportunity to hone his networking abilities as he meets famous people willing to give guidance and share wisdom. “SOFU and Gagnant Media has a family culture, everyone there helps each other and puts their best foot to make all events a great experience,” says Jalen. His next professional steps are to network as much as possible during this last year of school, then to go on and drop garments on a regular basis. His long-term objective is to own one of the world's most popular streetwear brands and create many storefronts. "I also want to start and invest in other enterprises."