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Jamie Shea: A Franklin Favorite

Jamie Shea is what is often referred to as a 'unicorn' - someone that was born and raised right here in Middle Tennessee. A graduate of McGavock High School, Jamie remained here for college and attended MTSU where he joined the Navy Reserves. Little did he know that would quickly send him on his trajectory into real estate and real estate appraisals.

True to Jamie’s nature, his offer to help a fellow reservist in his unit gave him his start. A friend who was an appraiser needed help, so in 1998 Jamie immediately began working on getting his appraisal certification. In 2006, it became obvious to Jamie that appraisals and selling went hand in hand. Jamie’s uncle who was a seasoned real estate agent, Johnny Shea, helped him decide to take on the additional role of a real estate agent. But Jamie didn’t want to simply be an over the weekend type of agent, he
wanted more time to focus on the sales piece of his business. After finding a good work balance, he decided he wanted to take it a step further. “I went all in, and I got my broker’s license,” says Jamie. 

He and his wife of 17 years have lived in Williamson County since 2006 and have been privy to all its growth. Jamie has also been with Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Woodmont Realty since 2006, but the company has been in Middle Tennessee for over 30 years. Jamie notes his tenure with the company is largely due to the professionalism, training, and mindset of his fellow agents. In a sometimes-brutal industry he comments, “There is always someone willing to help out if needed.” Jamie is also the current
co-chair of the company’s Charity Committee which donates to four charities each year. He started an annual bowling tournament that quickly became a favorite event for the company. It not only raises money but also encourages fellowship among the agents.

When asked what his favorite part about real estate is, he is clear when he says, “I like helping people find the perfect
home, as well as selling my client’s homes at the best price. The goal is for all parties to walk away happy.” And Franklin is lucky he does. Since he is still heavily into appraising, he is familiar with a lot of areas and neighborhoods. Appraising takes him all over the county and he sees a lot. His experience and knowledge enables him to know what to look for both on the sales side and the appraisal side. Not one to pick favorites, Jamie has worked with storied historic homes all the way through new construction.

Listen to your realtor when buying AND selling. They have first-hand knowledge. A home that would have multiple offers two to three months ago are now just sitting. Your realtor can see the data. The national news is not going to be reflective of the local market, especially related to pricing.


Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. While you may think new owners will want to come in and paint a home their own color, they
also don’t want to buy a home with walls that have dirty chipped paint. Same goes for other items. While some people want to customize flooring, fresh carpet in a room can really make a difference.


Make your offer based on the market data provided by your agent. And what the home will appraise for, not what you want to do with the home. Even though you have ideas about what updates you would like to make doesn’t mean that the house price needs
to be discounted to accommodate for those updates.

Five places Jamie always recommends

1. Cocktails: Amendment 18 in Westhaven
Its very inventive with a vibe that you can normally only find in downtown or East Nashville.

2. Franklin’s Best Kept Secret: Bishops Meat & Three
Avoid the long lines of those more famous Hot Chicken locations and come here where Hattie B’s got its start.

3. Best Family Activity: Williamson County’s Rec Centers and Greenway Systems
Across the entire county every center is great and affordably priced for both annual and single trip options.

4. Best History: Carton Plantation
Perfect place to take an out-of-town history buff or entertain a local one.

5. Best Steak: Cork & Cow
It was tight competition with some of the new restaurants that have opened but this was the winner, and occasionally they have half priced bottles of wine, but don’t tell!