Jay Spaziano Honored as Top Producing Real Estate Agent

You can’t argue with the numbers – Jay Spaziano has been named the top producing agent in Bucks County for over nine years. In 2019 Jay did over $68 million in sales. His relentless work ethic and market knowledge, along with over 40 years of experience, have led to his record-breaking sales. 

Jay specializes in all facets of real estate, including custom new and pre-owned homes, antique homes, and building lots. He is able to handle the volume because of his tireless energy and amazing support staff. Located in the heart of Upper Makefield, Jay’s office is convenient to all areas of Bucks County, and as a longtime resident of the Newtown area this allows him to share his expertise with those looking to make a move. 

Jay started out from humble beginnings in Northeast Philadelphia. He had an incredible work ethic even as an adolescent. He worked as many hours as he could at a local gas station in order to pay his way through college. Jay graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, which has served him well in the real estate business, from daily interactions to marketing. After college, Jay started answering phones at a small real estate company and was taking on more and more responsibility. Before he knew it clients were calling for him and he started building his client base. 

In 1984 Jay worked his way through the ranks at a top local builder and became the vice president of sales and marketing. He put together the sales teams, managed the transactions, and oversaw all marketing efforts for multiple communities within the Bucks County area. This experience gave Jay his foundation for his vast new construction expertise.

Needing a break from the corporate nuances of real estate, Jay joined Re/Max Properties First Partners in Newtown in 1999. He enjoyed a lot of success at the firm and was even once ranked 23rd in sales volume internationally for Re/Max. This is where Jay met his longtime friend and assistant, Maria Needles, who has been with him for 20 years. She says:

“Working with Jay all of these years has been both educational and challenging. It has been amazing to watch the business steadily grow. Jay’s success is directly attributable to the long hours he puts in, his vast knowledge of every aspect of the business and the relationships he forms with clients. Jay genuinely enjoys helping people.”

Looking to explore a boutique real estate firm, in 2006 Jay decided to make the move to a firm in New Hope, where he was later joined by his eldest daughter, Gina Spaziano, who had recently left her own real estate sales career in Center City, Philadelphia. 

“I was managing the sales efforts for a builder in Old City and upon sell-out of my 153 condo community I needed to make a decision on what was next for me. I had the opportunity to continue my real estate career in the city or make the transition to the suburbs. I was living in Newtown Boro at the time and thought it would be great to work here with my father. I was really nervous because I knew and understood his presence in this business and I wanted to be able to stand on my own.” 

Gina jokes that “the first 2 weeks were tough but I appreciate and recognize that we have our own individual strengths and we enjoy a great working relationship so it has worked out even better than I could have imagined.”  

The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Gina also has a background in psychology and also pursued a higher level of education where she received her master’s degree in psychology in 2005. In fact she was not even looking to get into the business. 

“I was really trying not to get into real estate. I grew up in the business and I was well aware of the sacrifices you have to make; basically working when everyone else is not, it’s a service business. However, I realized that I could no longer financially afford to be a student and had a change of heart regarding my outlook on school psychology, which is what I wanted to pursue. It only took one sale and I realized that not only did I really enjoy it but it came so naturally… Guess you can’t argue with genetics!” 

In January 2018 after much thought and careful deliberation, it was finally time for the father-daughter duo to combine all of their resources and knowledge and open their own boutique firm, Jay Spaziano Real Estate in beautiful and historic Washington Crossing, Pa. 

When reflecting upon this business transition, Gina says, “my father just puts his head down and works. He is incredibly driven and has been producing an unbelievable amount of volume for so many years. I obviously recognized this immediately but also saw that my father is the brand. When you have been marketing yourself for 40 years it’s only fitting that people recognize your ability in this industry. It’s a relationship business and I knew that we needed to have ultimate control over our hard work. The outpouring of support from our colleagues, friends and clients has been amazing and has reinforced our decision.”

Since Jay is a history buff and lives in an antique farmhouse, it is only fitting that his office is a stone’s throw away from where George Washington led the continental army to victory in 1776. Jay Spaziano Real Estate celebrated their 2nd anniversary in January, 2020. Jay is big-picture motivated and Gina is the perfect counterweight focusing on the day-to-day. Their vision for growth is best described as a marathon, not a sprint. “We want to make sure that if we bring someone on, that there is trust. Everything our agents do is a reflection of the Spaziano name,” Jay says. Currently there are five agents in the office.

Jay sold over $68 million on his own in 2019 but he explains that his success is a by-product of putting people first. Jay represents all of his clients with equal passion and enthusiasm whether he is selling a one bedroom condo or a 10,000 sf multi-million dollar estate. Jay would never pass up the opportunity to help his clients, no matter the value of the transaction or how many years have passed. It’s no surprise that his primary source of business comes from referrals. People appreciate and recognize Jay’s loyalty and dedication.

The longevity of Jay being in this business is impressive. He has seen so many different markets, the various trends and hot buttons for people, and he has been able to adapt and grow in the ever-changing world of real estate.  Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects for Jay being in the business for as long as he has is selling multiple generations of families’ homes. Jay says, “It’s really rewarding when I get a call from a grandson or granddaughter of a client I have helped so many years ago. I knew them as children and it’s as if I become a part of the family. They trust me to help them with such an important aspect of their lives both financially and emotionally and for that I am truly thankful.”

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