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Jessica Northrop and her real estate team give homes and hope to families locally and internationally

The Northrop Group of Compass Heads from Denver to El Salvador to Build Homes for Two Families in Need

“Sometimes people just need a simple invitation,” Giveback Homes founder Caroline Pinal says. That simple invitation was more than enough for Jessica Northrop and her real estate team (The Northrop Group) from Compass. During the last week of September, Jessica enlisted the help of her team and other Compass Realtors to travel to El Salvador and help build two homes for two deserving families in the Los Lotes community.
In total, Jessica was joined by Jayd Wells, Cali Forbes, Jeff Bua, Geo Flores and Giveback Homes founder Caroline Pinal. For Northrop, the trip is part of over six years of partnership with Giveback Homes which includes building and funding several homes in Nicaragua and annual Team Build Days throughout the Denver area.  
“We’re passionate about giving back! Jessica adds. “Every home we sell helps build a home for a family in need…both internationally and at home in our local community. There’s more that we can always be doing and this is an opportunity to do just that. We’re proud to partner with Giveback Homes, a wonderful organization that truly makes a difference and leaves a lasting legacy and makes a positive difference in the world.”  
“We are grateful to all of our wonderful clients who support and contribute to helping provide housing for those in need. This also aligns with the Compass mission of “helping everyone find their place in the world”.  Compass as a company is dedicated to giving back and 100% of real estate transactions result in a donation to the community. In total, Compass Cares aims to contribute $10M in funds and skills-based volunteering to local organizations.
During the trip, Northrop and her team specifically helped two families: Juan Carlos and María Eugenia and their three children as well as María Isabel and her son Cristian. The current homes of both families consisted of a structure made of tree trunks and wood, forming a single room without divisions. The roof and walls were made of sheets, along with a dirt floor, which turns into mud during a storm.
After the first day, Jayd Wells commented, “My biggest takeaway is coming to a foreign country and seeing the reality of how these families are living in such tough conditions.  It is humbling and very rewarding to be involved in making a better tomorrow for them and their families.”
In just a matter of a couple days, with the partnership of Giveback Homes and the local community, the team literally built two homes from the ground up. They set pillars, put the floor down, put walls up, added the roof and helped paint the home for each family. Along the way, they made a lasting connection with the families and children, evident in the joy and appreciation seen as the families proudly set up their new homes.
Giveback Homes is dedicated to building homes for families such as these by creating a sustainable relationship between real estate professionals and communities in need throughout the world. Working together with Giveback Homes can include fundraising events, mobilizing volunteer homebuilders, or even traveling across the world to be more “hands on” with projects. Though these real estate professionals help families find their next homes on a regular basis, it’s a safe bet that the recipients of the homes spearheaded by this organization rank atop the list of the most satisfied new homeowners. 
And while the focus is on giving, the two families aren’t the only ones on the receiving end. “You might come back feeling super fulfilled, motivated, grateful, maybe a little sore, but you’re going to feel really good,” says Pinal. “I remember thinking after my first trip that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and now I’ve been back over 20 times.”
These two families, and so many more, now have a safe place to call home and a hope for a brighter tomorrow. What better thing could there be to give?