Jewelry store helps dazzle Valentine's Day

VanBrock continues to impact KC fine jewelry industry

Showering your loved one with jewelry is a love language that’s been practiced for centuries, and at VanBrock they make it easy for anyone to find that timeless piece. 

For more than 15 years, the Leawood based jeweler has opened its gallery to leading designers, bringing their exceptional styles to the midwest while offering a one-of-a-kind personal experience to shoppers.

Standing firmly behind their mission; private, rare and regal, VanBrock aims at making each visit with them a special experience.

It starts with an easy-to-book appointment where clients will be given a private session with a member of the  team. For VanBrock, personalization is key in helping them establish a longstanding friendship between them and the client. 

“This is the perfect way to do it. They come in, sit down and it really is just getting to know what the clients wants out of this visit, and then the next time they come in, they might want an engagement ring, or might want something for themselves,” explained Lenise Ward, VanBrock associate.

VanBrock’s distinguished gallery is home to world-renowned designers, setting the bar high for fine jewelry one can’t find anywhere else. During the season of love, their gallery is ready to deliver with diamond-heart-shaped jewelry, traditional designs, and bold pieces each representing tokens of love. Customizations on items like pendants can also be made, which can make options endless. This is why VanBrock is known for making and keeping client wish lists. Each list is personalized and filled with pieces clients are drawn to, can revisit, or make available to friends or family. 

“People come in and update their wish lists annually, and I tell people all the time to put everything on your wish list because you just don't ever know, and buyers like the wish lists because it gives them options,” said Ward.

While their gallery attracts luxurious designers, VanBrock stresses they work with jewelry of all price-points, ensuring shoppers go home with the right piece. At the end of the day, they know it’s not an easy decision finding the piece of jewelry that resonates and captures a client's feelings. 

 “Special often comes in the form of jewelry,” expressed Ward. “in my opinion it's special because of what it's made of, and you’re giving it because the person you're giving it to means something to you. This is a special industry that we're in.” 

On February 9th appointments are not needed. Come in and meet designer Lisa Nik, and see her latest creations along with other pieces and designers that will be making headlines during the upcoming season. 

“Special often comes in the form of jewelry,”

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